Month: November 2010

RDBMS Concepts Certification Achieved!

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Relational Database Management Systems. I understand (vaguely) how databases work. I have a minor understanding of PHP, Javascript, ASP,, and MySQL. So this should be a breeze right? No, but I still managed to pull out a passing result. In the future, I will study prior to setting up an appointment time to test with BrainBench. Act foolishly again… Shame on me!

Adobe InDesign Certification Achieved!

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As a practitioner of graphic design with 15 years of experience, and a teacher teaching InDesign in the classroom, getting this certification is a no brainer. Although I was originally tained using Adobe Pagemaker and Quark Xpress, InDesign was only a short jump into understanding. I was surprised (pleasantly) how difficult some of these questions were, but I welcome the challenge. Thank you BrainBench!

Web Designer Concepts Certification Achieved!

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As a web designer teaching at Wake Tech Community College, I have a good knowledge of web design. Comprehensive, I would say, but only insofar as HTML, CSS, and Flash development are concerned. As part of my WEB140 Web Development Tools course, I challenged my students to take this certification. In this way, I could validate the experiences and understanding of the students through demonstration outside of the classroom. I too recently took this exam so that I can practice what I preach. Thank you BrainBench!