Oh, The Things I Wish I’d Known (Online Teaching)

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Have you ever thought about teaching an online class? This professional development course presented by Cathey Jordan was built to help teachers organize their online courses and class shells. This course was broken down into three distinct sections.

In the first section, special attention was given to discuss ways in which we could help keep students on the right track on day one and help keep them there. A great deal of this discussion was built upon setting the pace for student expectations early, and sticking to your guns. Many students have no experience with online classes, and feel they are running the show, or that you are available for discussion 24/7. They set out some strong expectations via lists that were easy for everyone to follow.

The second portion of the class discussed mistakes made in the first semester of the presenter’s experience and ways in which they were shared. This was an amusing section outlining errors that fit many people’s experiences. Everything was given in terms of problem, solution, lessons learned, and future adjustments to the program.

In the third portion of the class, a Q&A section was opened and we all discussed potential issues and solutions.Questions were very generalized and opened doors for many teachers, but there were also some real horror stories.

In all, I found this a fantastic session for new online teachers.