Getting Familiar with FERPA!

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Getting Familiar with FERPA! was a professional development session presented by Amanda Roberts & Salanna Holmes urging us not to be afraid of FERPA.

The Registrar’s Office presenters invited us to join them for an informative, interactive session on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This professional development session was designed to update staff and faculty on recent changes in the federal law (or Wake Tech policy regarding FERPA) and to dismantle the fears and misnomers surrounding this very important piece of legislation.

I found it very enlightening. I had been warned of noting “Yes, you could stop there, but its C-level work” during one of my first teaching sessions in the late 2000s. Noting what grade a student COULD receive did not constitute a FERPA violation, but it could if discussing their final works.

It was interesting to note the required steps for giving information out to a priveledged   party was so involved. Each intersted student had to fill out forms, including a secret FERPA password, and neither I nor the staff would know about the password until the records were needed. Its very serious stuff, but NOT something covered in our training sessions. It was good knowledge to get.