Planning for Your Next Opportunity

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Planning for Your Next Opportunity was a professional development session co-presented by Gayle Greene, Rita Jerman, Anthony Caison.

In this session, presenters will share lessons learned along their career paths that may help you establish your own path and position yourself when opportunity comes knocking!  This development session was mainly a discussion for staff members, focusing on making connections, asking your boss for new opportunities, excelling in your current roles, and discussing your desire to move up into management

A section was included about briefly discussing getting higher grades on your performance reviews through rising above your job expectations. The most important thing they pointed out, and kept referring to, was that even when taking on new jobs and new expectations within your current job, it is vitally important that you continue to do an excellent job at your current position. Losing a foothold in your new job when taking on new opportunities will NOT look good when asking to take on new responsibilities in a new work opportunity

This session was very informative, although it was not really very helpful as far as teaching faculty were concerned.