Web Award 2012 Competition Juror: Tyler Dockery

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This year, I was selected again as a Juror for the 2012 WebAwards presented by the Web Marketing Association (WMA).

WebAward 2012 Competition Juror: Tyler Dockery


This week, I received this message:

If you have participated in the past, you know the drill. If you are new to the WebAwards, here is your chance to reward the development team that works hard every day to create outstanding websites. Recognition is an important part of why you enter an award program and the WebAwards have been using the same format to adjudicate websites for 16 years, longer than any other organization on the Internet.


In this competition, I judged many, many applicants. In the final round, I judged over 20 applicants. This was a fantastic competition, and I thoroughly enjoyed participating and representing both Wake Tech Community College and Dockery Design.

Winners should be available: August 2012