Online Teaching Survival Series: Preparing to Teach Online

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Online Teaching Survival Series: Preparing to Teach Online was an online webinar presented by Wake Tech’s Jennifer Jones.

Preparing to teach online can be an overwhelming task. Today’s webinar on preparing to teach online provided the other faculty member and me with information on the skills and resources needed to teach an online course. Emphasis was placed on technology skills and tools needed to be an effective online teacher

I found the discussion points regarding managing expectations to be the most helpful. Setting a clear set of expectations for students upfront about when each week began, what requirements for assignments and discussion boards were, how and when to contact the teacher, and how/when they would receive responses (especially the discussion on acceptable limits on responses and the lengthy debate on how long a wait was “acceptable”) were all great food for thought.

Individual stories had some great examples of online classes, how to keep students engaged, managing expectations that had gone awry. I learned a great deal from this webinar and I recommended it to some other staff members next time they saw it available.