Month: July 2012

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Certification Achieved!

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3 examinations in one day… This was just grueling.

I teach Adobe programs, and Adobe Photoshop in particular. This examination was not that difficult, but I admit that it was better that I did well on this. Photoshop used to be my student life. Nice to see I still have what it takes.

Tyler Dockery Acheives Adobe CS5 Certification!


CSS3 Certification Achieved!

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3 examinations in one day… This was just grueling.

CSS was just a dawning technology when I was learning about HTML coding and a brand new push when I received certification in web design and Dreamweaver. With the new changes coming out in CSS3, I must admit that I was a bit behind on many things. Oh sure, shadows and rounded corners were easy and necessities, but transformations and web fonts still were leaving me with a bit of unfamiliar territory.

Studying for this information took some time, but I’m glad it paid off, and hopefully this will gain a little bit of credibility with the team. Mainly, I hope the information sticks.

Tyler Dockery achieves CSS3 certification!

Business Communication Certification Achieved!

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Business Communication certification is one of three certifications I a working on at this time… and it will be the last time I do this again- its just too much work to study for so many and still pass! Business Communications is a bit of a no-brainer. Just doing the right, professional thing without acting like a jerk, breaking a contract, or breaking the law is all it really takes. Testing 3 examinations in one day… whew! BrainBench, what was I thinking?