NCCCS Conference 2012: Empowering Students to Create their Own Internship Opportunities

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NCCCS Conference 2012: Empowering Students to Create their Own Internship Opportunities

This session presented by Julie Trotter focused on encouraging students to gain experience within their field.
Internships have always provided students with excellent opportunities to gain valuable employment
experiences. However, there are never enough internships available – especially for community college
students. Teaching students how to create their own internship opportunities not only helps students
gain practice in communication, networking, job search, interview, and employment skills, but also
teaches them how to gain a competitive edge in the job marketplace through their own ingenuity and
self-motivation. This session will offer tips on showing students how to write and submit a proposal
to an employer about an internship of their own making. It will also offer potential places that would
be open to student internship proposals. Each year, the job search “rules of the game” change.
Empowering students to create their own opportunities is a valuable skill to learn!