Dare To Be Naive!

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Dare to be naïve.

-Buckminster Fuller

I found this presentation of the NCCFA 203 to be quite interesting. It is one of our most exciting discoveries that learning one thing leads to further discoveries along the same. Connected with this, we find that we no sooner get one problem solved than we are overwhelmed with a multiplicity of additional problems.

The deepest learning happens with a project-based classroom, but the projects can only be useful if people go into the projects with the core toolkit of ideas, so they can understand what’s actually going on an analytical way. Some students can approach these projects and problems with active solutions that are above grade level, but at least on the core concepts it allows every student to make sure that they have the core basics done and gives data to the teacher on where there is need for additional enrichment.

What we’re hoping for is information the teacher can receive letting the instructor know that the students in the class are ready for the next project or an alternate type of a project. IN this environment, you won’t have to give the traditional lecture. You won’t have to do the traditional homework, but you now have a larger responsibility to do more less-traditional stuff, which is to invent an interesting project or find an interesting project.

I felt this was a nice confirmation of the learning principals we use in the web and graphic design groups. I try very hard to get projects that the students can really dig their teeth into in order to better understand  the skills and mechanics involved. Go Tyler Dockery and design!