Digital Publishing for Mobile Learning Initiatives

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Digital Publishing for Mobile Learning Initiatives

This presentation at the NCCFA 2013 was run by Apple, and outlined the uses and working of the iTunes U (iTunes University).

It was an interesting presentation, but I am unsure if it would work out very well for us. The books in many cases were a limited variety, not available with every publisher and most certainly not with a great deal of the books we’re currently using. Of a similar issue was the fact that iTunes University required every student to have iTunes installed as well as an active iTunes account. Online books were moderately expensive, and would only be available when students were connected to the internet.

In short, this system is expensive, computer-dependent, internet dependent, and requires accounts with systems students may not enjoy. Also, iTunes is constantly… and I mean CONSTANTLY demanding updates. I think our students might be getting themselves into a system requiring numerous updates and security issues.

Could not give me recommendation on this.