Faculty Ranking Q&A

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Faculty Ranking Q&A

I came to this NCCFA 2013 session, but unfortunately showed up after some of the opening remarks. The main thing which I was able to glean from this was simple: The faculty rank system was available NOW to increase rank and give new titles so that administrators and those close to administrators would get raises.

It was made clear that

  • Only a certain number would be chosen every year to receive the new rank and new raise status.
  • There would be a cap on rank increases at once
  • You would need approval from your superiors to receive this
  • There was no training which could be given to help prepare staff for this
  • There would not be money forever.
  • Rank increases would be based on activities going above and beyond the duties required for your job
  • Adjunct years would not count towards faculty ranking years of service
  • Faculty ranking would not be available to staff members on a regular basis
  • My next ranking adjustment would not be until 2016.


I still feel this is a bad idea. It seems like those who are in close with the bosses will be given ranking, while those who might be worthy will be tossed over due to one small infraction or being frowned upon. It seems like money will run out in a few years, and people will end up being shut out, or left with no drive to achieve this designation. However, I probably need to see this in terms of needs and opportunities.