Grand Canyon University’s Doctoral Programs

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Grand Canyon University’s Doctoral Programs

The speaker from Grand Canyon University at NCCFA 2013 was very knowledgeable about their programs, and also about the pricing guidelines in comparison with local schools. There was a great deal of information handed out, although the amount of people in the program room was less than I would have liked to see.

My major disappointment here, was that the teacher lead off his big sales pitch for the college by saying: “When you’re looking for a doctoral degree, it doesn’t matter where you get one- it only matters that you get one.”

I felt this set his program up as a last-ditch effort, or a “never-heard-of-you-but-it-sounds-legit” kind of business. I’m still going to give them the benefit of the doubt and consider them while looking at doctoral programs.

I am considering doctoral programs, although cost and convenience of the program is certainly a concern of mine. Perhaps this summer I’ll make a better effort to look into the pros and cons of the situation.