MobileWebAward 2014 Competition Juror: Tyler Dockery

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This year, I was selected again as a Juror for the 2014 Internet Advertising Competition presented by the Web Marketing Association (WMA).

MobileWebAward 2014 Competition Juror: Tyler Dockery


This week, I received this message after working furiously on entrants:

Welcome to the 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Judging.

The MobileWebAward judging process will begin today and will run until all the sites have been reviewed by three or more judges. We expect this to run until early May if necessary.

The judging of the 2014 MobileWebAward Competition is well underway and more than half of the entries have already received the necessary scores. The deadline for completing your assigned entries is Friday May 4th, so keep up your great work to complete your judging task.

Mwa Trophy

In this competition, I judged many, many applicants. In the final round, I judged over 30 applicants. This was a fantastic competition, and I thoroughly enjoyed participating and representing both Wake Tech Community College and Dockery Design.

Winners should be available: June 2014