MS Windows 8 Desktop Administration Certification Achieved!

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MS Windows 8 Desktop Administration Certification Achieved!

Since the end of the semester is here, but the summer semester hasn’t begun, I’ve decided that the time is right for me to cover some certification bases. Windows 8 has been with us for some time, but I have had a hard time answering questions about it in the ILC at Wake Tech Community College. It was probably time for me to get up to speed on this.

With this empty time, I’m currently working on a grant with one of my co-workers (gamification of collegiate courses by Tyler Dockery, MAEd and Nicolas D’Agata, MSEd). I’ve been looking into information on WIndows 8 over the last week or so in my downtime, as well as brushing up on project management specifics.

Glad to know that all of my studying paid off in spades. Think I’ll do much better in the ILC because of this