Project Management (2013) Certification Achieved!

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Project Management (2013) Certification Achieved!

Since the end of the semester is here, but the summer semester hasn’t begun, I’ve decided that the time is right for me to cover some certification bases. Project Management is a skill that one can never seem to get enough training in. My PMP (Project Management Professional)training was some time ago, and the last project management update I received was related to the changes made in 2008 related to the PMP testing changes.

With this empty time, I’m currently working on a grant with one of my co-workers (gamification of collegiate courses by Tyler Dockery, MAEd and Nicolas D’Agata, MSEd). Before the time for the summer semester is heavy upon me, I took today to get some of those updates to the PMP knowledge base under my skin so that I can be better prepared for the future.

Glad to know that all of my studying paid off, perhaps I wont need another upgrade for a few years now.

Tyler Dockery Achieves Project Management (2013) Certification