Tyler Dockery Attends Women’s Mentoring Network Lecture

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Tyler Dockery listens as Melissa J. Nixon discusses Discovering Courage at Wake Tech
Melissa J. Nixon discusses Discovering Courage at Wake Tech

Melissa J. Nixon is a powerhouse of positivity. In her lecture entitled “Discover Courage” at Wake Tech’s Main Campus today, Melissa J. Nixon encouraged male and female students alike to discover the courage that they needed to make the impact they wanted in their lives, their community, and their bottom line. Door prizes were given out, and everyone walked away feeling empowered to take on their tomorrow.

In her talk, Melissa J. Nixon (hereafter referred to as Melissa Nixon) stressed the importance of courage and confidence. Courage and confidence are noted as the two main game changes to propel a woman forward with velocity into the life they want. Without these ideas, student may cause themselves to remain comfortable in your life and career.

This stagnation is something I speak with my students about often in Graphic Design I, II, III, and IV.

Many leaders live and lead in the space she defines as “Just Enough!”, a space which enables enough success for individuals to be proud of their accomplishments, but never moves you to pass the true fears which make the biggest impact truly possible. In order to have this kind of significant impact in the collegiate and professional careers we have, we must learn how not only to show up, but to lead the way in a marketable way that makes a difference in our income, our influence, as well as the culture, strategy, and bottom line of the organizations we are serving. This could be the school we attend, the job we have, the community organization we are part of, or our community as a whole.

At the end of this lecture and QA forum with Melissa Nixon, students seemed enthused about what lay ahead, and how they might start making a valuable impact. Granted, not everyone was keen about actively conquering their fears, but there were several practical steps outlined which they could use to help them on their way.

Being one of the few males in the meeting made this a special training for me, and I felt some of the practical steps here could be very helpful in my own approach to 360 degree leadership.