The Struggle is Real: Interpreting Retention Data

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The Struggle is Real: Interpreting Retention Data

Presented by DeeDee Allen at 2:30p at Wake Tech’s Main Campus

DeeDee began to notice because here Success rate was 61% and retention was only 70%.

Misconceptions in the process

  • Who Cares?
  • only students who complete the course matter. W is also a failure.
  • Students love me, so retention must be high
  • Fall is worse than Spring due to new students.
  • Early and mid-career numbers might bebetter because of time and effort used

DeeDee showed us her retention records by year, and she was able to analyze her classes (including a “substitution with pay” period 🙂 ) This might be a great thing for me to do.

When broken down by class and delivery method lead to these observationss:
One class improved without doing anything but not be available (tough love)
surprised to find that the most difficult classes had lower retention.
Extra obligations (wlrok or personal) seem to have deeper impacts on tougher class
Schedule is more predictable with mainly one 1-2 course preps
schedule less overloaded

What to do?
get organized and track data
record notes about the semester to help explain data- who withdrew, why? family, job, what data might you need for the future
what did you try that was new? faculty rank wants to know this as well.
find additional resources ( madison area technical college – faculty tool kit )

  • learn names
  • two-way feedback
  • smiley faces =)
  • individual chats

Things to try:

  • office interaction
  • celebrate success
  • learn the campus resources
  • student activities

While this activity was really more of a “look at me and what I’ve done” talk, there was some good information here to try and emulate. It might be nice if there was a more “consider following these steps” setup that we could walk away with.