The EPIC Effect

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Presented by Bryan Ryan, Alison Consol, Katherine Bennett and Dianne Albahrawy, 8am on 10/3/2014 at Wake Tech’s Main Campus.

The EPIC Effect

Bryan Ryan began the event by reminding us of the mission of Curriculum Services – “Transforming Lives”. While some of us considered it “Transforming Education”, he pointed out that curriculum services encompassed many things more than simply education and training – both in and out of the classroom. We are really interested in access and success of our students as your true goals. We are interested in creating quality and innovation within our system.

Wake Tech is the highest provider of online classes in the state of North Carolina- 15,000 individuals took a single class (or more) last year, and 4,500 individuals this semester are taking ALL their classes online at this time.

The important thing to consider here is that now that the student needs for online classes are being addressed, student success still needs to be pursued.

EPIC increases Student Success Across the School

Online classes are:

  • Flexible
  • adaptable
  • schedule-friendly
  • transportation-friendly
  • Allows you to have a job, family, social life

Last year, Wake Tech had 33,000 online students. More than any school in the state. The demand for online content is larger than the demand for seated classes. Students need to have a certain skillset to be successful in an online class:

  • Time management
  • advocating for themselves
  • communication at distance
  • collaboration

The First Time Challenge

The challenge for us is to increase success. Grades of A-C for online classes sat at 68%. Similar grades for seated sat at 73%.