LEA198: Leadership Castone Preparation

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The leadership capstone preparation class was run by Rebecca Neagle, Dean of Arts and Humanities at Wake Tech.

This class was truly wonderful. This class was a preparation class for the leadership capstone project. We discussed this in terms of what would create a great leadership project. We discussed positive leadership roles, how to show it, and what you could do with money to achieve that project?

The meeting ended with us all receiving a grant application and a wide-open mandate to create anything which will demonstrate excellent leadership.

Ideas I am kicking around during this meeting:
Can we get funding for course development? There has been no time or money for course development since 2006, and it might have an indication in why we have a 60% passing (A-D only) in a few of our courses.

Can we get funding for the Internet Summit? Funding for professional development or conference.

360 leadership Can we get several hundred dollars worth of gift cards to give to teachers who are doing excellent work. Just as a reward for really go to the limit.