Month: February 2015

Adobe Education Exchange: Contributor Badge

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Adobe Education Exchange ContributorAdobe Education Exchange: Contributor Badge

“As a contributing member of the Adobe Education Exchange, Tyler Dockery has received visible recognition for his level of commitment and participation. Adobe is proud to feature a leaderboard function and badge recognition to members who’s mission is to serve the community of educators by maintaining a high level of activity.”

Throughout my course on Digital Creativity in the Classroom, I continued contributing to Adobe’s Education Exchange. As a part of this community, Adobe provides rewards and achievements in the form of badges. This badge was awarded for completing over 500 achievement points within the Adobe Social Community. It represents your willingness to contribute and collaborate as a member of the Adobe Education Exchange, offer resources to other creative designers, and comment on creative works in a recognizably positive manner through constructive criticism.

Active Shooter Response for Higher Education

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On February 27th I completed the online active shooter training

Active Shooter Response for Higher Education

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Active Shooter Response for Higher Education course!

Workplace Answers has provided online training to members of Wake Tech Community College. This week, I completed the Active Shooter Response Training for Employees in Higher Education. I must admit, having taken this training in the past, this was well put together. I have been in several lockdowns on campus, and always found these things very straightforward.

“In the event of hearing a gunshot during classtime, should you run into the hallway and investigate?”
This, I found to be a particularly interesting question. 🙂

Active shooter training is an essential part of the current education environment. While not having a choice to take this training or not was unpleasureable, the training is essential enough that I was pleased to have taken it.

GDA Lecture: Adobe Illustrator How-To

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On February 18th, Tyler Dockery spoke to the GDA about Adobe Illustrator and gave one-on-one help to students new to Illustrator.


GDA Lecture: Adobe Illustrator How-To

While I would love to tell you that this was a standing-room only lecture, the odd timing with the school day made this a handful of people only. As this was posted as a beginner tutorial, students with illustrator experience did not show, and since we were running a class of illustrator at the time, it made for a small but charged group.

Together, we gauged the room too find that everyone was already familiar with the pen tool from the photoshop classes that we teach. So, with a few subtle nuances of the pen tool to teach at a rapid pace, we began discussing shapes and the pathfinder tools. Students in such a small environment were able to quickly and easily find the pros of using these two tools together.

Moving onto text and creating outlines, we undertook a simple exercise of creating a d in futura and adding a leaf onto it with the pen tool by combing text outlines and shapes with the pathfinder tool. We then filled this with a green-to-brown gradient and used the paste-inside command to add grey rock images below the brown to create an environmental letter.

Although students were already familiar with illustrator as a thing, many stated they were very excited about going home and trying it out on their own projects.

We then talked about live trace (live paint) for a few minutes, and talked about the distinct differences with bitmap and vector imagery. Students left excited and full of ideas.