Design Blitz Raleigh: Group Leader

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On March 5th, Tyler Dockery was invited to attend Design Blitz in the Red Hat complex in Downtown Raleigh as a representative of Wake Tech Community College.

Design Blitz Raleigh: Group Leader

Challenge: The challenge will be a step by step process of students working with me to develop their definition of a creative person, their ideas of what a ‘workplace’ is and then prototyping and creating an example of their ‘ideal creative workplace.’ Creative packets will be presented for you that walks you through the 5 step design process we are going to promote at this event. One or two lead teachers in each area that will help you with any students and/or situation you might run into. Ideally, we want to focus on fantastical thinking, out of the box thinking, the more creative the solution the better… we aren’t as focused on a perfect model or brand with this event, we want the concepts and thoughts to shine through and the focus to be on the process of what they are doing rather than the end product. Each group will have 5 students and 1 or 2 industry volunteers. You’ll document each group’s process through an app developed by Betaversity.

Aftermath: I wanted to share with all of you the Betaversity site that has the images from the Design Blitz event on it. Sorry for the delay in posting it out, we were waiting for a site update to go through first before emailing it out. When you go to the site you’ll find a list of all the teams. In order to see one of the projects you’ll have to login as a team, any team. I listed a login below that you can use. After you login you’ll have access to click on any of the teams and go through their design process. Because of the technology issues we had at the event you’ll find that some groups have more developed images and processes than others, but hopefully in future years we’ll have this better worked out. Thanks to Betaversity for setting up the site and the step-by-step design process embedded within the projects. I hope you find this site a good artifact of what happened on that rainy March day.

Again, I appreciate all the support and help from each of you (teachers and volunteers). Feel free to share the site information with whoever you think might be interested.

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