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Wearable Devices: Everything open Mbient Labs

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Wearable Devices: Everything open Mbient Labs

Getting a short trip to the All ThingsĀ Open Conference, I managed to catch the MbientLabs presentation.

MbientLabs technology, specifically their METAWARE materials, allow open-source building and creation with the use of MBIENTLABS’ bluetooth and online systems to capture data with your own wearable devices.

MBIENTLABS covered the basics of how their technology works.

MetaSensors: Powerful Sensor Hardware

The Motion series are sensors ideal for fitness wearables, sports research, and gesture recognition. This is the platform for motion detection and sensor fusion. Sensors include accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and altimeter.

Metabase: Simple APP and Hub Software

The MetaBase App is a free App available on the Google Play, Apple App and Windows store.

The MetaBase connects to a MetaSensor and starts logging sensor data. The data can be downloaded from the App at any time and either uploaded to the cloud or exported to any other App on your device such a Google Docs, Dropbox, or email.

The data is exported as a CSV file which can be imported for analysis in software including Python and Excel. All data is also saved on the cloud if you have a MetaCloud account.

MetaBase is available for Windows devices, iOS devices, and Android devices. MetaBase requires Bluetooth Low Energy compliance and can connect up to 6 sensors simultaneously.

MetaCloud: Analytic Cloud Dashboard

The cloud dashboard allows the visualization and analysis of sensor data.

Our motion and gesture recognition tool gives you the tools you need to classify and understand sensor data. The public cloud dashboard is upcoming and will be released in Q4 2016. Contact MBIENTLABS to beta test.

Deploying solutions

Once deployed, the solutions can quickly be applied to the APP from your products. Pick and choose your battery, form-factor, and sensors; then use our tools to get started.

MBIENTLABS offer complete solutions including wearables, motion sensors, health sensors, environment and asset trackers. Packages start at $45-55.

Once materials have been purchased and included with built-in platforms, you can quickly begin collecting data. Once data has been collected in large enough amounts (theoretically as the cloud solutions have not rolled out yet), we’ll be able to find some great solutions in the making.

I liked this session, and the MBIENTLABS team seemed to treat this like a big commercial, showcasing a few wearable items. I could see how miniaturization will have a massive impact on this company and their bottom line. This looked like an awesome conference to attend in full in the future.