Universal Design for Learning

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Universal Design for Learning, presented by CAST Professional Learning consultants Don Glass and Cynthia Gutiererez

Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Addressing the Variability of All Learners

Online learning, workshops, consultation are their specialties. We’ll be discussing barriers your students may be facing and how to work around those. Chances are high that we’ll find lots of experts already in this room.

After a short icebreaker, we began by building up a background in UDL.

Start wit the goals

WHat are your personal goals for the workshop?

  • *introduce universal design for learning
  • build background knowledge
  • explore strategies that align with your work (see cast.org)

Learning Tools. Googledrive
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COncept map proposal was followed along with the prompt: what do you know about UDL?

The WHY of UDL: Universal Design for Learning
Cartoon: What’s going on here