The Magnificent FIVE of the WEB: PHP and MySQL

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On March 9th 2016, I attended NCCCIA presentation at 2:45pm with D.I. von Briesen, Assitant Professor of Web Technologies at Wake Technical Community College, in RM235 in the 103 building at Rowan Cabarrus Community College in Salisbury, NC.


<h1>The Magnificent FIVE of the WEB: PHP and MySQL</h1>

Are you embedding php in the webpage or the webpage in the PHP. is a great example page. Believe it or not 🙂 We were invited to call him out with PHP knowledge if he is in the wrong. He cannot be as filled with knowledge as google

PHP (personal home page) was the original name. It fell out of style to call it that, so now its just PHP. We went on to discuss acronyms such as LAMP, LIMP, WAMP, WIMP, MAMP, XAMP.

In this class, we are doing a great deal of hands-on coding with PHP and XAMP to ensure that webpages are using PHP files properly. I’ll be revisiting this but its difficult to type and work hands-on at the same time.


Brief break here because we’re doing some jumping backwards. Von Briesen does an excellent job of covering the materials and explaining each step along the way. I wish I’d recorded this item because the materials are fantastic. We agree to slip past the MySQL function to show more examples of the PHP in action.

In short, we’d like to see a stronger understanding of PHP than to move ahead and fail to understand the PHP portion clearly enough.

As time came to a close, Von Briesen pushed ups out to to discuss PHP tutorials and feebes. He recommended THE JOY OF PHP $17. It has no table of contents, but it covers fine projects and discusses contacting databases, forms, etc. through

Seems like it might be a nice book, hard to argue with 76 4.5 star ratings on and only $16.95