Are We Getting the Right Message Out There? Perceptions of Community and Technical Colleges and What that Means for Enrollment

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3:15pm, Table 507, Raleigh Convention Center. Raleigh, NC. Presenter: Katherine R. Kandalec

Are We Getting the Right Message Out There? Perceptions of Community and Technical Colleges and What that Means for Enrollment

This table-based discussion was cancelled. A few people chose to stay, including Marsha Mills. We discussed briefly the perceptions of our program at Wake Tech, and how taking the shortened URL of was very helpful.

Are perceptions from the outside the same as the perceptions inside? Some students tell us that our program is a great program. IN the past, several students who have graduated have mentioned that they came from separate backgrounds (CPA and Fine Arts), but were very pleased with the quality of the program we have.

How does the perception of community and technical colleges affect our students

Marsha thinks that the teachers have tremendous real-world experience in addition to master degrees. This might be glossed over. Don’t let the word technical throw you off. We live in a technological age. The future of the world and this business is technological and computer-driven. Many people are shocked at the level of traditional art backgrounds shown and works required.

What can we do to increase enrollments and tout our program?

  1. High School Recruitment
  2. Advertising (print and web-based)(are we doing ANY web-based advertising?)
  3. Social Media Advertising (social media seems like a small pool)
  4. Website jumplinks from the main site

How do schools increase their numbers? We don’t really know.
Seems that schools use copywriting to meet those needs. Could we use our budget to meet that achievement? LIst the industries they can work in, what they make, what are the myers-briggs aptitudes and adjectives to attract the people? Might have to be CAST certifications. We might want to target certain zip codes or half web, half graphic design.

Databases can go to individuals and families? 18-30yrs old children? Thinking about sending your kid to college? 60% of Wake Tech GRD students are hired prior to graduation!

It might be nice to see how this might pan out.