Building and Sustaining Career Pathways: NCCCS Conference

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7:30am, Raleigh Convention Center. Raleigh, NC.
Presented by Julia Hamilton

Roundtable Discussion: Building and Sustaining Career Pathways: NCCCS Conference

I was a bit late to this roundtable, showing up with an extremely soggy breakfast item. 😦

This Session was about setting career pathways for students and connecting these pathways to students, advisers, and the community. Many colleges do not have active Pathways for students to follow, and so students are really sent to fend for themselves. Tis is particularly troubling in that not all classes are offered every semester, and some advisers and unaware of this system. In many cases, this can cause issues with students’ continued enrollment, or the ability of students to stay on financial aid if materials cannot be found to meet the needs of the degree.

This group discussion advocated the creation of a clear learning pathway for students as well as a team of informed advisers. I showed a screen PDF of our pathway system outlining degree certifications and our degree settings toward graduation. I was asked if I could forward that to a business major at Cabarrus Community College.

Although the session was short, It left me with a great feeling about where our program and our college stands.