Teaching Graphic Design Online: Presenting at the NCCCS Conference 2016

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11:15am, Room 206. Raleigh Conference Center Raleigh, NC.
Presented by Tyler Dockery, Carla Osborne, Julie Evans of Wake Technical Community College


Teaching Graphic Design Online

In today’s session, we presented our faculty presentation outlining How To Teach Graphic Design Online. To an audience of varied visitors with specialties in Art, Graphic Design, Theatre and Performing Arts as well as to individuals in Medical transcription, and several disciplines preparing to take their seated materials online.

The session was an easy return to well-known material with tried-and-true methods. The session went well, with many members staying to ask questions well after the conference session had moved to break.

QUestions ranged from easy ones such as how did our department get on with our school’s IT department, and how did we request the plugins be added to the current blackboard shell- To questions outlining the importance of compututor staff, and how much leeway we had to create our course materials. Several questions indicated that Wake Tech’s standards for ADA and Section 508 compliance were very stringent standards, as well as procedural questions for linking to external content, captioning video content, and what agreements we might have for requiring students to order subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud.

The session was well-attended, well-done, and overall I was pleased to see the session go so well.