The Truth About Change- Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert S. Shackleford, Jr.

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1:45pm, Conference Room. Raleigh Convention Center. Raleigh, NC. Keynote Speaker: Dr. James C. Williamson

The Truth About Change- Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert S. Shackleford, Jr.

It used to be easy to sign up up students, you just put them in a Huskins class. It used to be that we could give 6-8% raises and keep everyone happy. It used to be an angry student would tell their mother- then it was how they’d tell their lawyer- now their busy telling “News2 Wants to Know”

5 simple truths about change

This was a sermon that Dr. Shackleford

Change is Bad

Go to tomorrowland, and see just what you see. People like the way things are now. Most people used to see small gifts as pleasant memories. Most kids today have everything they want and more, but now kids have everything under the sun, but they find themselves to be bored. We might have ridden through neighborhood and others without fear, but now we’re really worried even to let our kids into the neighborhood outside of our watchful eyes. In some ways, change is bad.

Change is Good

How did we survive with no air conditioning? We went. through life without remote controls. Signs used to say that water fountains were for whites only. In many ways, change is good

Change is Stressful

We are creatures of habit, and we are comfortable with the known. Having a baby is a celebrated event, a gift from god. Its also is stressful as all getout. People winning the lottery are often accused of leaving their roots behind and forgetting where they came from.

When Dr. Shackleford, Jr. was elected as the president of his community college, he had to sell a house, find a new house, change utilities, find all their friends and set them on to their new address, etc. It was a fantastic thing, but had all the stress that moving entails. He moved to social media accounts, only to find that every one he moved to was already behind the times.

To do what you need to do, you need to grow. Growth means that everyone must change, and that means your whole team must also grow and change.

Change is inevitable

Except from a vending machine. Change cannot be stopped, cannot be avoided. If you think change is not inevitable, take out your high school yearbook, and then show it to your kids. Try to maintain that look… Good luck.

Change is inevitable-especially in North Carolina, and especially in the economy. You cannot take the same courses you taught in 1980 and pull them out to teach today. Because change is inevitable.

Change Is An Opportunity

CHange is an opportunity. It is one in which we cannot miss and cannot misconstrue. the seven dieing words of a dead institution: “We’ve never done it that way before.”

Students arriving in the midst of huge, massive changes (such as our EPIC set), must be assured that they can take advantage of the true opportunities this change brings to bear. In our part, we are the largest agents of change in North Carolina. We are the door-keepers to the states economic engine. We cannot ADAPT to change, we must DRIVE IT.


In the midst of change, even simple things become frightening and complicated. Just in time to get acclimated, it seems as though its time to move on again.

His mother told him “Son, you can grow up to become anything you want to be… if you get your education.” He was blown away. His parents had sacrificed so much so that he could have his education. Now he’s the head of a major community college. That is his way of thanking his mother. It changed his life and you can let it change yours.