Dr. Scott’s Town Hall Discussion – Wake Technical Community College Professional Development Conference 2016

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10:30am, Student Services Building. Wake Technical Community College, Raleigh, NC. Presented by Dr. Stephen Scott.

Dr. Scott’s Town Hall Discussion – Wake Technical Community College Professional Development Conference 2016

November 8 ballot:

Some misinformation is out there. the referendum is to improve buses. It is to improve bus shelters, drivers, and vehicles. IF we didn’t have to wait 2 hours for a bus, more people would be using it. THe school board is unanimously behind it, and he encourages us to vote, and vote yes.

Entrepeneurship at WTCC?

Entrepeneurship is one of the top skills employers are looking for. There are different kinds, not just sales and businesses. Our vision as an institution is different. Increases are typically set with tuition increases, rather than state budget. The state will not pay us more to teach. So what can we do as an institution?

We have instituted programs to train students and put them into businesses and charge the working rate. We do excellent work, and we’re worth it. Frankly, tell us the rules, and we’ll determine if we want to play. There are 2 types of entrepeneurship: for the students and for ourselves.

The students have certificates, but they must decide if those will be added to their program. Currently 3,000 students per year take coursework to learn how to become business owners and part of the entrepeneurship center.

Textbooks from our courses have been taken by surrounding colleges and used in the classrooms. While flattering and quite entrepenurial, its frowned upon. We do sell our instructor materials in the school store.

How will new tech affect the classroom

Your competition is not another cc or university. Your competition is the for-profit companies who are producing content and cherry-picking the high-end of the market, such as Pearson. The small business model (bring students to S.M.E. [subject matter expert] ) doesn’t work anymore. The cellphone holds tremendous content, and can access almost anything. Every child knows how to google the information they need.

The other big threat is that you can choose which content your students are exposed to. So we have built an entity to assist. Senior Vice Principal of Effectiveness and Innovation Brian Ryan, has been put in charge of ways for Wake Tech to compete with Pearson and other big businesses. Education is a $4 Trillion Industry. In some places in the world, like Saudi Arabia, women cannot attend higher education, but pearson can provide this.

In many of our benchmarks, we are so far ahead of the competition that it is difficult to find someone who does it better.

Beginning November 30th, we’ll be selling EPIC 30 training to anyone who wants to take advantage of that. We can turn these alternative sources of revenue into our budget.

The idea of electronic publishing should be explored. Many groups charge to teach the content, charge for certification, and another charge to keep those certifications current. We would like to move to an online certification house. In many cases, we didn’t know we had something worth selling until Vance-Granville showed up and bought all our supplies.


Competency-based education is not new. Who defines what the competency is? How are they defining and determining competency? CBE is coming. Its might as well be here already. A segway and a rolls royce are both vehicles, but there is an appreciable difference between the two.

Various states are integrating CBE in various states. As mentioned in my earlier post on CBE, Wake Tech is one of the 4 colleges in NC which is piloting this program. The emporium models and single-price month courses exist in other institutions. Our job is to get out there and then get in front of the curve.

Find those courses, find those on the curve. What are other people defining, what are the competencies, and how can we require those or something better?

Also, for this, you can see my earlier post on copyright and how we should be finding those schools and requesting those materials via the freedom of information act. I believe I just found my benchmarking

NOVA gen ed use totally open-source products for textbooks. this Z-Program (zero cost) has no textbooks

The public sees a spiraling higher price and a disconnect in the amount of worth with the college degree

Access to higher education is there. The University of the People is entirely online, $100 per year, and open to the public. There are things out there. The questions is not how to prevent it. Our challenge is to anticipate the changes and teach our students in the best way.

EPIC is the way. I don’t want a nurse, chef, cosmetologist, or welder who was taught entirely online. So, how can we get better at BOTH? How can we get better in seated rooms and online together? How can we find other people’s solutions, modify the solution, and apply it to Wake Tech.

Institutional change takes groups. Even the president cannot do this by himself. What we hope has been found is that people on other campuses, same campuses, same office suites, all looking to resolve issues and achieve an opportunity. How do we offer this to the students in an effective and efficient manner?

There is a lot of talk about “Free” College education. There is no “FREE”. its a question of WHO pays and WHEN. Without payment, students have no skin in the game. If you want to see for yourself, how well does FREE HIGH SCHOOL work? Mommy and daddy taxpayer pay for those programs. IF it happens, we’ll not chain the doors, of course we’ll roll with it.

Morrisville has been growing fast. The RTP campus puts us in the heart of some of the biggest businesses in North Carolina. IN many cases, employers do not care where they learned the skill, they care that students can do the work. Yes, soft skills are really 90% of the hiring process. Those of us who work with the advisory committee know this to the hilt.

The biggest call in the hiring process is soft skills, but we often hear that there is no place to push those into existing courses. In some degrees, a programming course has been removed and a soft skill course is included. The question moving forward is how can we integrate soft skills into the courses we already have. We need those last year, not next year.

Salary Questions

We have tried to increase the general salary is several ways, some of which had to be invented. When Dr. Scott came to the college we were 44th in the state. Now, we are 25th, but we’re trying to move forward. Other large colleges are using adjuncts to move the college forward, but we do not. We use curriculum teachers.

We could fire teachers and replace them with adjuncts to give raises. But we won’t. Now that we have summer opportunities with FTEs, we’re looking to increase teacher pay with extended contracts.

We use faculty rank to increase pay, and we did this BEFORE the study. We earn that money because we teach classes. We are not paid for being nice. Different courses earn different amounts. Tier 2 is a base, tier 1 is 15% higher than Tier 2, and Tier 1a is 30% higher than Tier 2.

We are all working diligently. But if we cannot earn additional revenue in one way or another, we just cannot get raises.