LinkedIn Lab – Wake Technical Community College Professional Development Conference 2016

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9:00am October 14th 2016. 230 Pucher-LeMay Building. Main Campus, Wake Technical Community College, Raleigh, NC. Presented by Korrie Blanchard Smith and Laveda Joseph

LinkedIn Lab – Wake Technical Community College Professional Development Conference 2016

Presenters are both Career Specialists in Wake Tech. Korrie Smith is a Past/Present mentality user- keeping in contact with peers and past careers. Laveda Joseph is a Present/Future user- using it for knowledge and research, keeping connections clear and setting a path for the future, utilizing her profile to create a “NEXT STEP” in her career.

Why are you using LinkedIn? Are you looking to keep in contact, moving forward in your industry, or somewhere in between? I am personally none of these. I am not really aware of how to be useful. I have a very full profile, but I am not a user.
One member in the class is a LION, with an open network.

Have a message, and make sure to stay on message.

Six Quick Tips

  • 6 quick tips to get understand your linkedin profile and have it work
  • photo background
  • skills endorse
  • following
  • headline
  • group memberships
  • your order

photo background

This should be professional. It is the first way a visitor gets to know you. Smiling, engaging, background aligns with how you are seen within the industry. We are in an industry. Look at yourself often. See what the public can see, and assure yourself you are putting your best foot forward.

IF you cannot find this, Google yourself. It should definitely show up.


THe headline here should really show the heavy-hitting big words. It is a great way to stand out and give an immediate impression. Put the key facets of your industry in here.


This is personality. You can know exactly what she’s about right off the bat. She thinks outside the box and not a Joe Shmo limp noodle.

Headline should be quick, effective, clear, and giving the heavy-hitting words to keep

skills endorse

Your skills show up here. If you don’t give 50, someone will fill them in for you. That may not be a skill that you approve of. Put the top 10 on top. Get people to endorse these, and put your top skills first. 12+ endorsements are the top bill for these. Always try to get 12 so you get faces and arrow to the right.


Think about how you connect with others. What is your strategy? Trending individuals are called “Influencers”. Pick and choose wisely. It sends a message about who you’re following. If you are in leadership development, follow those people with that as their major thrust. This will clearly make you a good fit, and send a clear message about your interests and where you’re going. Your audience will read into this.

What do you want your message to be, and what do you want people to see you as?

your order

You can reorder in linkedIn, but your summary should ALWAYS be first, because you can rant about your plan and your future.

Put in your materials in the order that really add value to you. Things which are a value to you in academia might be best served as a top-tier after education. But, this is not a resume. The Resume is action, bulleted statements. In LinkedIn, use expressive statements.

group memberships

Group memberships are a great way to keep those connections alive. In addition to giving the students a fine way to connect with new sources, the groups allow students to join in and become SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) within their chosen fields. In that case, it becomes a pathway to the future.

Hands-On Learning

From here, we slipped into work time. I have some questions regarding the Media additions, etc. My questions here had to do mostly with the inclusion of images, links and presentations. As a visual person, scrolling through a profile and finding an excellent image is a better way to grab attention and

To assist students, a great idea is to create a full set of connections within your own profile. This can encourage students to make similar connections, or to connect with you and then gain all your connections via secondary links!

To assist with connections in the workplace, a student might look first for the companies they want to work at, and see if they have connections with current or previous employees. Do they have something in common, is there a common thread which cna be used to form that connections. They can then attempt connection, or -stalk- them online. Begin a conversation with them directly, or gain an introduction with the individual from the first contact.

This is the first offering of the LinkedIn Lab. As things went, I found this to be quite helpful. I gained a bit of understanding, and cannot wait to do a bit more with this.

In Closing

I feel this would be a great set of lectures to get students set into a better place with their social media understanding. I could see a first session opening up to get students up to speed in a rough way. A second session would set their future path. A third and final session would include present/past connections. This would assure that student first had something and then came to understand how it could be used, followed by a session in which they optimized their situation for the future and future prospects, and finally their completed profile would be used to connect with sources and set them for the future.