Ten Technology Tools that can Enhance your Online Course

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At 12:00pm On 11/7/16 I attended Ten Technology Tools that can Enhance your Online Course presented by Dr. Aisha Haynes at the 2016 USCA NDLW Virtual Conference.

Ten Technology Tools that can Enhance your Online Course

aisha-hayesDr. Haynes began with a simple question: “Are you looking for free technology tools that you can use in your online course?” In this session, we will interact with various technology tools and share your favorite web tools. “Hopefully,” she said “You will leave this session with a list of technologies that can engage your students and enhance interactivity in your online course.”

Google Sites

Can create free websites, wikis and e-portfolios
Collaboration tool
Built-in templates are available
Can create interactive syllabi
Websites can be public or private



Create slideshows with images, text and music
Sharing using a link or embedded code
Free up to 30 seconds
Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus Account
Weblink: Animoto (www.animoto.com)



Online presentation tool
Built-in 3D format templates
Can import PowerPoint slides
Free version, EDU Pro – $2.90/month (get one year free)
Weblink: Emaze (www.emaze.com)


Create and share interactive videos
Can use video links from YouTube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, etc
Can add multiple choice questions, check all that apply, reflective pauses to the free version
Ability to crop videos
Free version, $96/year
Weblink: PlayPosit (https://www.playposit.com/)


I use this tool, it really is fantastic. Students don’t always have time to check email, but their phones are ALWAYS on them
Screenshot: The Remind Educational Tool

Messages can be sent to cells phones and email address
Phone app is available
Ability to reach students where they are
Can have one-way or two-way conversations with students
Can schedule announcements
Ability to attach files
Can see who received and read your messages

Weblink: Remind (https://www.remind.com)

Jeopardy Labs


Create jeopardy games without PowerPoint
No account required for a free build
Free version, $20 to be a JeopardyLabs member
Weblink: Jeopardy Labs (https://jeopardylabs.com/


Screen capture recording tool with voice
Ability to use a web cam
Can record up to 15 minutes for free
Includes a highlighted cursor and click indicator
Can connect with a YouTube account
Can save recording to Screencast-o-Matic
Can save recording as MP4 file

Ways to Use Screencast-o-Matic in the Classroom

Create instructional videos
Allow students to create presentations/videos and share them with others
Provide visual feedback on student papers
Weblink: Screencast-o-Matic (http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/)


Talking avatars (humans, animals, etc.)
Can use your voice/student voice or a digital voice
Avatars can motivate students to participate
Avatars can introduce technology in a fun way
Avatars can enhance creativity
Free version, $25.95/year
Weblink: Voki (www.voki.com)

Example: Meet Aisha Haynes (http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=10858619&height=400&width=300)



Create and share interactive images and videos
Creates hotspots on images
Can insert documents, videos, links, text on images
Free version, EDU Premium, $35/year
Weblink: ThingLink (www.thinglink.com)



Online collaborative bulletin board
Ability to link to website
Can add images, videos, maps, PowerPoint presentations, documents
Can be exported as an image, PDF file, Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file
Free version, $5/month or $45/year


Overall, This had some nice stuff in here. Not all of it was accessible, so that’s a non-starter. I always enjoy getting in on some of these in the hopes that early adoption can be helpful.