Develop a Facebook Advertising Strategy to Reach Your Best Prospects – Pre-Conference Intensive Workshop

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At 10:45am On 11/16/16 I attended the Pre-Conference Intensive Workshop: Develop a Facebook Advertising Strategy to Reach Your Best Prospects presented by Andrea Vahl | Social Media Consultant, Strategist, at the 2016 Internet Summit located at he Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC.

Develop a Facebook Advertising Strategy to Reach Your Best Prospects – Pre-Conference Intensive Workshop


Right off the bat, I felt like this session was not really for me. This lady moved very fast and materials here were not really set up for beginners. That was a real drag. Most of this was not really well-explained and quickly adjusted before full information could be copied.

No links to the slides were provided and we were all encouraged to take photos of the slides instead. While I could see how this might encourage mobile-users: Instagramming, tweeting, etc. it was not super helpful for those of us with computers, and those who can not follow speedy, quick banter.

Effective Facebook Advertising is so much more than Boosted Posts and hoping for the best. As Facebook changes its algorithm, knowing how to use Facebook Ads is becoming much more critical. But you can easily burn through your advertising budget without any real results when you don’t know how to use Facebook ads properly.

When you know how to choose the right Facebook ad objective, track all the way through your funnel, and split test your ads correctly, you know how to make it rain. Use Facebook Ads to find new leads, hyper-target to your warm audience with the perfect sales messages that will help their buying decision, and stay top of mind with your customers.

In this two hour workshop, we’ll dive into advanced strategies for targeting and discuss which ad types work best for your goals. You’ll learn how to use the Facebook Pixel for tracking, and the magic of retargeting your ads. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of how to approach your next marketing campaign.

At the end of this presentation, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the differences between ad types, bidding optimizations, and ad placement
  • Fine tune your targeting to reach the best possible audience
  • Fit the newest types of ads into your marketing strategy
  • Create Instagram ads with the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Use the Facebook pixel works for tracking and retargeting
  • Split testing your ads and diving into the reports so you save money
  • Determine where the Power Editor and Business Manager fit into your marketing

First examine your funnel

Cold audience: focus on lead generation

Facebook ads target based on demographics. Are they really interested in buying something, or did they buy this last week. Facebook ads can be shared. This is a great way to spread the love.

Test different images

The images and marketing materials in the launch cycle can be extremely helpful. Connection with three puppies connecting to the view outperformed 3 to 1, with the others. Use this to split-test and get cheaper clicks.

lead magnets

Give e-books, webinars, or contest opt-ins which help to increase leads. Starbucks gift cards were given to assist people to sign up for the newsletter. E-book, tip sheet, etc. Contests which give something away in return for an opt-in. Facebook ads can be targeted to get local enhancers.

Sell to warm market – retarget

Sell to previous groups. A DARK POST is an unpublished post. It doesn’t appear on your facebook timeline. Always drive traffic to your website and ensure completion there. Your website will be you-centered while facebook is really more about everything that they are interested in. Its very easy to get distracted.

So where do ads fit in to your strategy?

20% budget: Build audience with LIKE ADS, and Get Engagement with BOOSTED POSTS to FANS ONLY. Use Calls to action to get them moving.

70% budget: Email Optin with Website Clicks and Website Conversion

10% budget: sales with Website Retargeting, Custom Audiences, and Facebook Offers.

Facebook Ads Prcoess

1) add PIXEL to your website (facebook includes instagram)
2)setup conversion tracking
3)create ad campaign split

there was a 4th option here, but she kind of left a bit of us in the dust. I only key at 45wpm, so what can I tel you.

The facebook ads pixel, what marketers need to know

Go find that information. She zipped over this as though everyone was familiar, so she said to take a photo. My camera came out too late to take the shot. 😦

One Pixel

two jobs: tracks page views and conversions. A bit of code you add to the website. Place the basic code one time. Each account gets one pixel. Track multiple website with the pixel and share pixels and audiences through BUSINESS MANAGER only.


This lady moved very fast and materials here were not really set up for beginners. That was a real drag.

The last hour of this presentation was very, very fast. I took this presentation with the hopes of more strategy and information for how to get started, how to increase, and then how to solidify and expertize the workflow. However, the crowd here was mainly marketing folks with a strong background in how the facebook ad world worked. So, in short it was like having the beginner attending the first day of Varsity Basketball. Easy to get started, but quickly left in the dust.

I guess you cannot win them all.


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    AndreaVahl (@AndreaVahl) said:
    November 18, 2016 at 11:25 am

    Sorry it was a little fast moving! They asked me to do an Advanced workshop and maybe that should have been a little clearer in the description. You can take a look at some of my beginner posts here:
    Or my free course that is geared a little towards beginners here:
    Hope that’s helpful!

      dockerydesigns responded:
      February 8, 2017 at 10:32 am

      You’ve got some great content, but not all training is for everyone. Hopefully, interested parties can follow your link. Sometimes, I’m not the best audience for every training session, but I keep learning and hoping to do well. Thanks for the reply.

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