LinkedIn Lead Prospecting, Generation and Engagement – Pre-Conference Intensive Workshop

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At 8:30am On 11/16/16 I attended the Pre-Conference Intensive Workshop: LinkedIn Lead Prospecting, Generation and Engagement presented by Viveka von Rosen | CEO, Linked Into Business at the 2016 Internet Summit located at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC.

LinkedIn Lead Prospecting, Generation and Engagement – Pre-Conference Intensive Workshop


LinkedIn is an ever-evolving social business platform with over 450 million users, 100+ million in the US, who average 106K in income. One out of every three business professionals in the world are on LinkedIn, and it’s the #1 social network for driving traffic to corporate websites.

LinkedIn is an absolute must for you and your business!  Studies show that 87% of marketers claim to land new clients on LinkedIn, so why is it that when I ask my audience if they are making money with LinkedIn, only about 10% of the audience raise their hands?  LinkedIn is simply not as intuitive as it appears.  You need to have strategies in place in order to attract, engage with, stay top of mind and close your prospects!

This presentation will reveal steps and strategies you must take to start generating more leads, engage more effectively with your network and close more deals using LinkedIn!

At the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Position yourself to attract prospects
  • Efficiently search and find prospects on LinkedIn
  • Utilize best practices for reaching out and connecting with prospects
  • Manage your prospects on LinkedIn
  • Stay top of mind with prospects using LinkedIn

Attendees will also receive a LinkedIn Questionnaire, Lead Gen Checklist, and Updating Scheduler.

LinkedIn Social Selling and Lead Generation with LinkedIn

So, the title is different than the previous listed title. That’s a bit of a drag.

Presenter has a linkedin love-hate relationship. Influencer marketing is the reason to get involved. Be an influencer, find one. LInkedin 101 ways to rock your personal brand is one of her books. Wiley came to her. Using LinkedIn publisher is a great way to attract attention and get a book deal. SHe’s been at this for 10 year


  • security matters – protecting yourself
  • Personal branding and best practices
  • advanced optimization tagging and endorsements
  • growing your network to see and gbe seen
  • managing your network with the conne cted CRM
  • social sales strategies – filling the funnel
  • company pages – how to use yours for positioning
  • staying toop of mind- other tools and resources

Microsoft bought LinkedIn over the summer, so see how that will help.A link will be provided for tools and resources

Why LinkedIn?

Other social are racing past linkedIn, but they are social and linkedIn is for business. They have 106m visitors a month with 480m users with avg incom 80k. 45% are in upper management nad 80% B2B leads come from LinkedIn and 74% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn for Purchasing Decision. For B2B and B2C its important to be where your clients are. 59% of linkedin users are not on twitter, and almost 20% are not on facebook. 93% of marketers rate LinkedIn to be effective for generating leads. 70% Small business lets them id potential business partners and connect them with other companies. While it may not be the person you need, it is a decision maker and know other decision makers


security matters – protecting yourself

No profile is a real problem. Are you hiding? A bad profile can cost you credibility. No profile leaves you open to catfishing, identity theft, false profiles, etc.

Public profile settings gives anyone access to the link to your official profile. To adjust, see the setting nob. Anyone online can setup a great account based off this. Headline, pict, post, summary should be on as public. Anyone on Linkedin will already have access to full profile.

Sometimes profiles may be too tight. You can hide connections, but its a good tool. Turn OFF “NOtify your network”. Turn that off. Unless you’re launching something new to your experience, turn that off. The launch is a good opportunity to “social sell”. Add a product or service as experience, when people congratulate you, respond to drive traffic to the new item. Do this only 1/2 year. Its a great ninja hack.

Personal branding and best practices


Look to the linkedin header image. is 1400px wide now but will adjust to 1553px. Use a background image and use that to immediately set you apart. This sets a strong brand for you and your company. Include your contact information in there! It would be nice to use a specific email address or google voice to get unique traffic to find out who is looking for you.

People rarely scroll. Keep it top of fold. If they like what they see and pick up the phone, its a great lead for social selling. Conversion is up to you.


Professional headlines are key! They are 120 characters. People see your name, what you do, and who you server. See Billy Mitchell, etc. Create a template that is unified throughout company. Whether an employee is customer-facing or not, build that brand.

linkedin-interestsSummary Section is also Key. It is 2000 characters. Use formatting and bullets. Use a strong call to action (only first few lines will show, but engage as fast as possible). Get them to click on “See more” Consider demanding that they include this and check for spelling.

Rich Media will probably be removed, and recommendations will also probably drop. Add that rich media, and don’t forget to export your profile today before you lose them! dropdown next to send a message is “save as a PDF”. WOrst case scenario, make an experience section and copy/paste testimonials from a later date. In europe, rich-text media and recommendations have been removed.

linkedin-linksWebsite links will stay. Choose OTHER and write out 30 character messages. Instead of “My Blog” standard, describe “Read my LinkedIn Blog” or “Book a 15 minute appointment with me” etc.

advanced optimization tagging and endorsements

Customize your URL. Create more traffic with google by having a custom URL. The more you are endorsed for a skillset, the more you’ll be found. For your team, add the skill, and go endorse one another. If you realize the error of your ways, move the new skill to the top! Move the top skills you want to be found for and move those to the top 10 positions. Endorse other people and encourage them to endorse you back. Send an update “whoops! i forgot to add SKILL” and give a link to your profile.

linkedin-titlesAdd keyword placement in the TITLE FIELDS. Don’t add them to last name. Instead, add them in descriptions and titles. Add them to interest section- its a keyword dump area. If you have a weird name, add your last name misspellings. Speak in the third person here. No one looks down in the bottom anyway, so fill those bigtime.

Additional sections are nice, but LINKEDIN will be dropping them. A bigger profile is just easier to find. They are not available in the beta section now, so update and adjust but dont’ forget to PDF this. Use these as a traffic-driving item in the experience section later.

growing your network to see and be seen

ONe thing which helps you get found is by finding, connecting and engaging with high-profile candidates. Find the ideal people, connect with them and engage regularly.

Know your aduience. More specifically, know your audience or “Buyer Persona”. find them and engage them in a personal matter. Advance search will be going away. Linkedin’s new interface will be the mobile device. They are adjusting so that all mobile and users will be the same, but it will only be for the paid accounts. Soon this will only be for Sales Navigation.

While you can, create those advanced searches and save those URLs. Hopefully the links will be able to be revisited later and recreated. No promises. Think of LinkedIn as a business tool – a CRM sales tool. With Microsoft taking over, it will be pay to play.

Site: boolean here)
+ keeps the words together
“” keeps the words together
OR when either word will do
AND when you are clarifying an audience or industry or niche
NOT to ignore na audience

Boolean search in google still seems to be working. It works now with advanced search. Save the links which work and save those into a word document.

Save searching is also going away. You can save up to 5 searches to easily access from the results page. YOu can save the search and email you the new results. When you get a new result, it will send you the leads. Save the URL for the save searches as well. This is a great and powerful way to have LINKED send you the links.

Searching your connections connections may also go. If the nimber of connections is blue, a window will pop up. Clicking a magnifying glass will allow you to search and use booleans here. Its a great opportunity to use those leads. This is powerful because not only are they people you trust, they are people others trust.

Company search is also great. Find a key company. See who is an employee there, and connect to them. Use the SEE ALL blue link. Find the good leads within that company. Use the linkedin list and retarget the information for facebook ads is one of the most powerful marketing sets you can have.

The In Common tool is a nice way to find out what you have in common with a prospect. Reach out to them and note that commonality to keep
This is the link to the presentation, videos about new user interface, and more!

managing your network with the connected CRM

Right now there is already a CRM system setup. In 2 weeks, this will go away. Tagging is a great way to keep people. 300-3,000 is a great number. Use these to keep groups of people together. You can keep up to 200 free tags. You can export your connections. Your notes and tags will also export.

Export those now

Notes and reminder are great additions to connections. When you connect on linkedin, you can message and connect with first-level connections. 2nd & 3rd level will soon no longer be connected.

InMail is not EVER for selling. Don’t you every do that.

So what can you do with the new interface? Export your connections (Data Export Tool). Import into CRM of your choice. Looks like you need 2 exports at this time. is a fine CRM with a small fee $25 month and browser extensions. If I highlight their URL, you can tag and import their information. Dux-soup extension is a great way to tag and take notes and search on tags and notes in linkedin. $20/month imports all connections into a super-mailbox

social sales strategies – filling the funnel

Fill your pipeline.

So what’s the best way to engage with those individuals? Bob Burg Quote, the “Go Giver”.

The KLT factor is how we build those relationships. Disseminate the right KIND OF CONTENT on a CONSISTENT BASIS, and it WILL increase the KLT Factor. You will build “Personal Brand Awareness” by sharing UPDATES daily, Writing Posts consistently, and sending regular private messages to your connections.

What is the way to attract your prospect base to YOU in a way that is interesting to THEM. Promoting yourself and your own stuff will not bring traffic. Share updates that the KEY audience is interested in.


Writing posts – Publisher is really powerful. Many people feel publisher isn’t working. It gets more engagement than blogposts. Its OK to repurpose existing content. PM folks. That’s a great way to get people interacting. In the new user interface, MESSENGER will be front and right. Post consistently and private message others. When you have a new message, PM those top 20-30 prospects to get them notified and interested. Make things for those key clients and make them available. See who’s engaged with your posts and reach out to them!

Sort the metrics by share and comment, and reach out to those folds. While publisher posts… see slide

To get the best views, see this slide.


  • Brand and cohesive visuals in publisher. Make this like a magazine or whitepaper.
  • 900-1400 words. The more words, the more the search engine works. Repurpose content here. no google slap, so mash up content. Use those rich media options and make it work! BLog URLS will bring up material picts. Use calls to action “hey, if you like this article, share it with your network” “if you liked the article, set up a 15 minute call with me HERE. Use appointment or calendar tool and put it in the links ANYWHERE in your LINKEDIN is a fine questionnaire builder. Make it simple and easy. If they don’t fill out the questionaire – first, last, size of company, what you want to talk about.
  • Use all features
  • Added Media
  • Calls to Action
  • Contact Info
  • bio section – wrap your post in YOU. add BIO to bottom with newer photo of you with 100-200 words. Hyperlink it to important pages to you. It is not One and Done.
  • Share often on Social. Share more than once. daily when it goes out. 3/week in first month. Monthly in first year. Repurpose your content on other social and see if you can get some purchase.
  • have your influencer friends share

More Group Changes are coming. Noficiations of your content are less reliable – especially the browser/website versions. YOur activitiy less liekly to show up on the group timeline. The only way to get around this is to use the iphone Mobile Users App. This means you must tkae more time considering and sharing content.

Who’s Viewed my profile. This is actually a fine lead source. See who is viewing you and reach out to them. Build relationships with your competitors and make connections and partnerships. Why did they look at you? Find out! make a practice of visiting this daily or weekly or monthly.

Proactive view search. DO a searc on top prospects (saved search). Proactively view their profiles. Wait patiently for a response.

Sharing Bookmarklet. Use LInkedin bookmarklet to easily share content you are already reading with your network, with twitter, with your graphs and with connections. is the link. Just pull to brower toolbar, and instantly share to your single linkedin account.

company pages – how to use yours for positioning

WHat should your company description say? Where and why to add specialties (search terms) New changes will be coming. They want updates so that you can soon get sponsored updates. Yes, you can pull about us, but if your linkedin audience is different, customize the words, but the two lines only show. They should be a call to action and then a space. Give your keywords in this section.

Make sure your header image is reflective of your company image and your brand. Find the new dimensions and hit them. See the new size in the article below. Contact info and call to action IN the header image article with no opt-in

[add header images here]

COnsider adjusting the header image to update what’s new.

Showcase pages are great because the URL is really helpful for google. Showcase is like a twitter feed. Needs manage and moderation. THey are not as powerful, but showcase a standalone product or service. If you have one, customize that hero image and a 200 character limit.

Targeted and sponsored updates are different. Any front-facer should be updated and shared on the company page. Tell everyone to like it and share it on LinkedIn. Use this for visibility and traffic driving. THe truth is that company pages live and die by the feed. Update with those feeds.

Targeted updates are free. Create an update which only goes to specific audiences. If you audience is french, do a targeted update in french which will be targeted differently. Consider an article. A target must have AT LEAST 100 people. do the same article in graphics, in web, and technology.

Sponsored Updates cost money. I don’t use this and cannot use this. THey key to sponsored updates is Micro-targeting. Getting close to 1,000 people. If you want clicks, pay per impression. If you want clicks, pay per impression. switch this up. I’m not sure how this works?

Use bite-sized mini-videos to give people a taste of the product. Micro-target by location. Use targeted for free search, then micro-target. The new advertising platform allows you to use templates and templated systems.

$10-20 dollars for 1000 impressions. Not bad, but doable.

Analytics are essential. Do more of what works. Strategies in Facebook will work on LinkedIn if the audience is the same.

Market your page within linkedIN. Add company to your experience. Make sure your employees do this. Have them do from the drop down so they have the logo and also follow the company page. Share in updates and messages. People don’t want more noise, so if you’re adding noise, it better be helpful. Give them a newsletter, a coupon, or what have you to keep their attention.

Market your page beyond LINKEDIN. Use linkedin company page plug-ins on your website. Do not point to an individual’s account unless its a page about an about us for the employee. Add your company page link to your email signature. Create an email campaign or 2/yearly social media letter outlining what you’re doing.

LinkedIn has no rules against gamification. Run games and giveaways for most shares, etc.

WHat is the cost of inaction?

Loss of credibility, loss of control, visibility, opportunity communication. Are you getting any return on your time investment?

staying top of mind- other tools and resources