2016 Internet Summit Keynote: Morgan Spurlock

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At 12:35pm On 11/17/16 I attended the Lunch Keynote presented by Morgan Spurlock | Academy Award-Nominated Director ofSuper Size Me & Host, CNN’s Inside Man at the 2016 Internet Summit located at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC.

2016 Internet Summit Keynote: Morgan Spurlock

morgan-spurlockBest known for his critically-acclaimed hit documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock is a prolific, Oscar and Emmy-nominated film and television documentarian and campus speaker. He is the former host and creator of the popular reality program on FX, 30 Days. He hosted Current TV’s 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die and produced the online series Failure Club, which followed seven people as they try to achieve their dreams. In April 2012, Spurlock’s released the documentary, Comic-Con Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope, which follows a group of attendees around the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, chronicling the madness of one of the largest events of the year. A month later, his doc Mansome hit theaters, which features an all-star cast of commentators including Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Zach Galifianakis who hilariously opine on the grooming habits of the 21st century man.


<h2>Stop sharing </h2>

<ul><li>NObody cares.

<li>you are embarrassing yourself. <li>Someone might rob you. <li>Your boss is watching</ul>

We looked through numerous great tweets. hope to see this later.

<h2>Creating world-changing content one sotry at a time</h2>

How cna you stand out without being a crazy person? We want to be different, lead and not follow. SO how can we do that? What does it tkae to create stories that are original and make a difference. You have to be ready and willing to take criticism.

He showed a great photo of him at a youth in West Virginia. Incredible people give us the courage to take the chances and the people who believe in you and your vision.

<h2>Persistance of Vision</h2>

Showed some film footage from Supersize Me. The movie cost $65,000 and it went to the Sundance film festival. How will it feel to be the belle of the ball. the cinderella who’s life will never be the same? The biggest thing is, you cannot plan for change. You cannot predict reactions. YOu can plan for impact and how you hope to affect change

What followed the success was an educational version of SuperSize Me. The kids chose to brownbag the lunches. This stopped up the school lunch program, demanding healthier lunches. He made an educational version, and lowered the price from $149.99 to $29.95. Then, the product was everywhere.

30 Days was the series that followed the product. The group who watched the show  began to have super visceral reactions. They moved quickly along to create compelling content that will grab people. DOn’t just own the space, own the impact.

<h2>DOn’t be afraid to do things people think are crazy</h2>

The greatest movie ever sold is a movie paid for by giving product placements. We thought it would be great, but no one was really interested. Product placement companies were also not pleased. They all blackballed him based on Cadillac placement Norm.

Ambercrombie & Fitch told him they wouldn’t make the movie, and that he wasn’t their material. He wasn’t young, he wasn’t handsome, and kinda funny looking. They sell clothing, and he wasn’t the type. From January until September he was constantly told no until caller 900+ said that they would do it.

Ban deodorant bought in. after 900 no’s they had $50,000. No one wanted to be first, but everyone wants to be second. Ban deodorant changed the entire playing field. People started saying yes!

Mane& Tail was his next big step. Its a shampoo made for both horses and people. HOw many times have you been in the shower- with your horse- and said “Why can’t there be a shampoo for both of us?” Mane & Tail were in.

He described the Mane & Tail shot: He pitched to Mane and Tail the following: A shot of a shower or tub. Pull out and I’m washing my 8 year-old son’s hair. Pull out and I’m washing my hair. Pull out and I’m washing my Shetlin Pony.

They were in, because they thought it was the greatest integration he’d ever heard of. He had really expected something to be quite weird

Here we watched the trailer for the movie.

This film revitalized him and his brand. This is the best time to be a storyteller. Now, there is a huge group of digital players ready and available. There are also outlets for businesses and your clients and customers will even create this material for you!

<h2>What stories should you tell?</h2>

GE wanted to remind people that we are an innovative company. Movies about MRI machines won’t cut it. Create an alignment of ideologies. For GE, building videos about people who are changing the world in ways you don’t even know about.

We watched fire with fire, a video on fighting cancer.

After that, we had 3min moments, 6min moments, and 9min. Microsoft was so pleased that they asked to do this with big filmmakers. and so they created the “we the economy” series.

We saw the film on medical costs.

Today, we’ve had 45million unique views. That’s because there are more home for digital content than ever before.

<h2>Now is the time to take risks</h2>

Dro5a asked for a way for a car to work on cow manure, Of course we could find a way to do it. Toyota Mirai exploded online.

<b>The more risks you take, the less risky things become</b> Those risky chances cause the new steps to really push things. He wanted to make content for Smart-ish people, especially millenial females. We created “what we teach girls”, “sexish”, and “present tense with Jillian Reed”.

I thought these were really cool. I’d vet a few of these for my kids.

refinery 29 will work with What we Teach Girls. Present/Tense will be picked up by Full Screen.

Materials created through risky projects really resonate with viewers. See “In A Galaxy” stormtrooper film. Once you begin working in a new, fresh way, you’ll be surprised how many of these projects begin coming toward you. And if you give each the attention it deserves, you’ll only start rolling in the trend.

Finding a good story in only the beginning. You need too get it into the hands, hearts and minds of your audience. That is the greatest accomplishment. This was a great talk.