Customer Acquisition Strategies for Startups

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At 8:30am On 11/17/16 I attended the Customer Acquisition Strategies for Startups presented by Robert Glazer | Founder & Managing Director, Acceleration Partners at the 2016 Internet Summit located at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC.

Develop a Facebook Advertising Strategy to Reach Your Best Prospects – Pre-Conference Intensive Workshop



robert-glazerCustomer acquisition is top of mind for many startups. While they want to know how to attract new customers, many are uncertain about where to find them and how to get them to convert. Robert Glazer, Founder and Managing Director at Acceleration Partners, will share best practices on how to elevate your customer acquisition strategy so it delivers on the promise of raising brand awareness, attracting new customers and increasing the bottom line.  He’ll also share case studies on how to apply these strategies to improve results.

As an attendee of this session I hope to walk away with a better understanding of:

  • What’s driving the latest trends in customer acquisition
  • Strategies and best practices for boosting engagement and conversions
  • Pitfalls to avoid when developing and managing your campaigns
  • Real-life examples of successful customer acquisition programs

Guess I’ll see what I see when its all said and done.

THis will be about taking an ad firm to get the power of a large company in a small company. Apps and mobile are taking the place of some desktop. Mobile sites are now about conversion and they are restricting functionality. Pay attention to your business first. Design your strategy intelligently. Attribution Modeling

While 38% do not have an acquisition model and it looks odd, it is down from 50+% last year. Several channels are being used and touching. Google analytics is really working, and attribution of funds can be easily seen through google analytics data. SOme channels are really helping, and others are really only helpinng during the last minute.

ANother big trend here is the increase in video use. MIllenials are the META generation. Kids are more likely to watch videos of people playing or watching people opening the boxes. Videos are great ways to show the customers what they’ll receive.

Personalization is big. The one-to-one use of the web. Many people are talking email or messaging. THink instead a lifecycle campaign or startup cycle. THere are huge opportunities to use the CRM or site to show people different things based on their wants/needs. THere is a huge increase of audience, so that means that creative is increasing so that things can be important. marketing channels personalized


B2C content marketing social media platform usage – 94%, twitter 84%. Facebook is not about likes anymore. Its about sharing, getting content out there. Content is to be selfless. COntent should be related to brand and authentic. DOn’t tlak about the product, talk about the things that are quality and have 1,000 people to share that. Meaningful content will bring a ton of organic reach. If you can get your materials to spread through cannehls.

Facebook messenger active users monthly is increasing. Chatting and messenger activity is heavy right now. It is increasingly how cusotmersd will act and interact.

<h2>Strategies, best practices & case Studies</h2>

<h2>Organic search</h2>

An audit is probably step number one in a new company. With all algorithm changes due to gamification, build a good site with great content. ALgorithm updates are constantly checking for cheaters. Start with a plan, then act. People wouldn’t want a website built with no plan.

In depth analysis of business and audience needs.ongoing optimization and a great strategy.

Start with an idea. Build a landing page around each item. Fill with great images and links, great content. Take the time to design everything to be great. Plenty of companies have thousands of pages. THey don’t have time to personalize the page to the content, but you can.

<h2>paid search</h2>

YOu cannot always go against big groups with money. A/b test, be smarter, more nuanced, and know your audience. A new sneaker will not push against adidas. Instead, segment your ideas and focus on solutions.

If you need to build campaigns, focus on ones that work. Start slowly, and never pay agencies on % of Spend. Otherwise you’ll just be throwing money.

<h2>paid social</h2>

A detailed plan for acquitring high-value customers. Get information on clients (actual) and use the “Like this” functionality in facebook to target audiences that are similar to the customers you already have. Work harder and smarter by reflecting on your buyer base and getting around those segments about the population.

Paid social case study: Lovepop. By targeting the customers and watchers of SHARKTANK, they pushed the show before they were on it. After the show, they targeted them to discuss being on the show, see what else we can do. Being specific in the message and audience was a success ful campaign


Often retarget is about reshowing ads. Run from anyone who discusses viewthrough. people who are being retargeted are people who are already your customers. You are more likely to be president 3 times in a row than to click on a banner ad. Facebook is a big place for retargeting.

<h2>afiliate marketing</h2>

Create a rate and CFP model. You can put conditions down, and set who you want and don’t want. 10% of sales is returned to affliliate, 2% for leads, etc. SOme companies want their own branded marketing. You can pay them as they deliver or you can set what/when to produce.

<h2>agency vs in-house</h2>

Its great to be one thing but terrible to try to be good at everything. Agencies often want one size fits all. They often have a bait/switch mentaility with an expert discussion but a junior executing. The y have misaligned incentives- particularly on % of Speend. Branded vs non-branded reporting, and little attention paid to fraud. Make sure your results are determined specifically. Make sure to set your own requirements and set them up front.

In-house  can have a lot of turnover in hot markets, and everyone is required to be a jack of all trade.Does your team have this capability?

email, social, seo are best in house. PPC, afiliate, display are best agency.

<h2>Organic search</h2>

COntent often done best inhouse. Maker sure the whole team knows how this affects the business and site.

<h2>display and paid search</h2>

Paid search is a full time job. its hard to be good at all parts.

<H2>social media</h2>Social media is best in house, but paid is a different source, especially if they don’t have the tools or experience.

<h2>CRM</h2>CRM is tech platform, so keep that inhouse

<h2>Affiliate</h2>This is a full-time Job. Most firms who do this well internally is