Video Marketing Superpowers to Grow Your Business

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At 10:00am On 11/17/16 I attended Video Marketing Superpowers to Grow Your Business presented by Naike Romain | Product Marketing Specialist, Wistia at the 2016 Internet Summit located at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC.

Video Marketing Superpowers to Grow Your Business


naike-romainVideo is one of the fastest growing markets in business–expanding well beyond its assumed role in marketing. Lots of companies are starting to incorporate video across their organizations. I hope to learn how to use the (super) power of video to enhance sales, support, and internal training teams. Showing real-life examples of businesses using video across their companies, and sharing some video best practices for achieving team and company goals will hopefully be in store. During this session I hope to:

  • Understanding of how using video builds authenticity and trust
  • Identify opportunities to use video across your business
  • Develop a toolkit of Video production tips to get started right away

Understand the problems

Problem-soving is deeper than just hearing the current issue. The pesky, broader problem is competitors. OUr business is consistently butting up against the same ones. They are doing the same things we are doing in the same way we’re doing it.

1996 michael porter wrote and article to win over your competitiros. First you need operational effectiveness. DO the smae thing, just better and faster than them. Use strategic positioning to be better. if you have both, you have a sustatinable competitive advantage and a niche in which to grow. There is an innovative way to get to thethat advantage, but that is video

Video can let you do what you rcompetitors do just a bit faster and better.

what if
What if more peopler where coneected to you. If reps were better at keeping prospects engaged. What if people were delightful instead of adequate.

See Jessica’s performance appraisal video. Its fantastic. CHicco? Being away can be scary, because its a real concern. Watch video. CHicco is a baby brand. They made a video that resonates with the audience. WHo are the people who buy these products. Lets create a message that really resonates with those who are returning to the workplace.

When this video is done, you create a fondness for the prodcut. It may not help now, but it will certainly resonate.

why important

Connection is important. Once connected, people have a higher lifetime value. Video is the most emotional medium there is. creating an experience your audience cna feel helps them to create a cmental connection

People make emotional decisions and rationalize them afterward. Chris Savage, CEO WISTIA

My wife hates mayonnaise. If she gets it, she wants new bread, etc. However, she will punch you if you suggest Duke’s instead of Hellmans mayonnaise.

so how can you do this connection

understand your audience. think about tyour audience as a single viewer. identifyu the message that would resonate best. create smaller videos with unique messages for different audiences. it doesn’t have to be a grand hotel to lobby and pool video. It can be a small video.

Email is not effective. Videos are personal, the most important there is.


Meet new Qards video.
It is a video from wordpress discussing the ease of use with the new qards product. It might be difficult to put this stuff in boring text on a page. HOwefver, with a quick video, you get the idea how it works and how fast and simple it is.

your buyers are 67% through the buying process before they talk to your sales rep. THey want to make great choices. Video lends itself to demonstrate instead of document. 74% would rather watch a video rather than reach out to support or read about the solution. I find that’s accurate.

You’re doing a disservice when you fail to make video content.

Rharper from wistia screencast
The actions might be hard to describe in writing, but in a short video (20seconds) he was able to showcase how to do the actions. Having his face on the screen reinforces the connection to the customers

1)why you should care
2)what does this do?
3)how do I use it?

if its educational, have a clear beginning, middle and end. Keep a face on screen if possible. Use conversational language. Organize it to be broken down into digestible chunks.

HOw to use video to convers

[ crazyegg video on heatmap conversion when they aren’t paying attention]

This video is educational, but also conversion. having the video on the landing page heavily increases the conversion numbers. videos are more than just a passive asset on the website. Give it a job to do!

74% viewers who watched a video converted. Keep the quality of the content in lead generation videos high. Shouw your audinece something new. Consider your retlationship with each viewer and try to tlign with each stage of the relationship.
WHere is your audience in their lifecycle with you? At beginning have high-quality education video. At end, keep videos personal, aligned to convert, and comparisons to showcase the ability of your product. Show them something new. Optimize the existing strategies by working better and faster.

Just by nature of showing who makes up your business, you’re differentiating yourself.

Put these powers to work. Don’t just create, give it a job to do