Technology Employment Trends for the Next Ten Years – NCCIA 2017

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At 9:00pm On 3/7/17 I attended the Opening Keynote presented by Corinne Hoisington, professor at Central Virginia Community College at the 2017 NCCIA Conference located at Craven Community College in New Bern, NC.

Growing jobs of the future

hoisington-from-theobserver.caI sat in the back for this presentation, because Corinne is very loud and boisterous. I have walked out on some of here presentations in the past, and I felt I really needed to give this a chance. It has started out very loud with loud background music which she’s had to shout over and increase her mike sounds.

An important point she mentions off the bat is the need for advisors to pay closer attention to the needs of current employers because many are funtioning with 1990-2000 level information. It will be very difficult for students to start a job if they are getting advice on materials which are almost 20 years out of date.

Its ten minutes into this presentation, and she’s talking about her grandchildren and she’s played loud musical tracks twice. After some failed videos with loud static, I left.

Is Corinne talented? Certainly. Is she beating a drum for Microsoft products? Absolutely. Is her brand of very very loud noise and required  jumping/stomping/interacting/forced movement of learners enticing? Absolutely not. Nothing is more diverting and disturbing than a morning beginning with extraordinarily loud noise, forced movement, and generalized statements which are difficult to confirm or refute- such as a call for students and colleges to give up all programming for commercial driving licensing (CDL licensure for truck driving and transport).