PhD Community College Executive Leadership Curriculum at Wingate University

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At 11:30am on 4/13/2017, I attended PhD Community College Executive Leadership Curriculum at Wingate University, presented by Jonathan Wirt, at the 2017 Spring Faculty Professional Development conference in Raleigh, NC.


PhD Community College Executive Leadership Curriculum at Wingate University

Prior to the beginning of our discussion, there was an excellent chance to talk with Jonathan about student integrity issues, and this was also extremely helpful. I’ll want to talk with him individually as this is a great tie-in to the benchmarking

Doctoral Program

This is a 3-year program (fall spring summer). The wingate program is excellent. NCSU has a program upcoming which will be Friday/Saturday materials. Wingate offers the EDD of community college executive leadership curriculum. THey meet on Ballentine campus. To go to class, you’ll drive to ballentine building on Saturdays. 2 saturdays on, off a saturday. Encrollment could begin for the fall. there is a cohort model of 25 students. You’ll be meeting other colleagues from CC seasoned employees from other schools and will begin to bring relationships to bear. There may be non-cc employees in there, like city managers.

You’ll apply. You take the MAT test (analogies), you have an interview on campus with three references. Its a 2.5 hour drive from Raleigh to Charlotte, and many commute together. Within the program, you start getting recognized from within. It enjances your exposure.

The foundation covers roughly $500 per semester and summer. Within the program, you’re setting yourself within the cohort of other up-and-coming upward mobile students.

First year is a working lunch. you leave at 5:30am, classes begin at 9am. When you leave for the day, you’re done, just working from home. In the fall, you take 2 classes. One class is law, a big L thick book. Taught by Shawntai Martin, the general council for the community college system. Attire is business casual. Every presentation wear a wake Tech something. When you say Wake Tech, you walk in with points and value. Largest Community College in the United States. Second class is leadership. On that same saturday, each cohort ahead of you is also meeting.

SOme of NCSU’s teachers have not stepped foot on a community college campus. The directo of the the program is Dr. STott. He’s the man who hired the president of the community college sustem. He’ll teach you 2-3 courses. Dr. Kays is a president of multiple community colleges. You will not only meet tenured employees who’ve chosen to return, but its practiical and allows a learned Dr. Scott-like individual to discuss practical materials with past presidents.

SUmmer session has 3 courses. One of the courses is online in tandem with the others you’re taking. ONly 2 summers in this program.

Fall, 2 classes again. Keep up with your trans so that you can keep the foundation abreast of your progress. See Carlos to talk about his progress.

The first thing that’ll happen is that you’ll miss things. But, you know what? you’re tied in with a program which is practical.

Your second year will be rough. You’ll be compiling documents and do your oral presentations and comprehensive.s You’ll compile your works into a great paper, and a written exam. You’ll surrender your phone and you just start writing. 🙂 Afterwards, your material will be graded and follow this up with an oral examination. They’ll look for a fault or failing and they’ll work with your to complete these. They want you to succeed.

In the third year, a writing and stats class is set to assist you and prep you for research. You may be asked right out of the gate what you want to study and what plans you have for the future at other colleges. At Wingate, you will choose later to decide on your work. Your research MUST be done at your home institution. You will be assigned 2 committee members, and a third will be your choice.

Jonathan is researching with single stop. Find a topic that excites you and cutting edge. After your orals and comps, you move on to thesis and a topic of interest. Think about who you’d want as a reader. You’ll interview and network within the program. You’ll interview with the movers and shakers within the school and other higher education facilities. Nothing gives an insight like meeting with the heads of community colleges and discussing leadership.
Wingate guarantees three years, but you might finish faster. With the will, materials can be built to create ease of growth and understanding in high grade-leadership. Dr. Scott will get to know you in this program. You’ll be so smart when you come out of there, you’ll be dangerous. The cohort is very supportive model.

Faculty can often advance because its practical. Students will receive an EdS. at the end of the 2nd year. An additional degree is earned at the end of the third year.

Costs run at $435 per credit hour. 6hrs in fall, 6 in Spring, 9 in summer. for 3 years, give or take. Look for 15-20hr homework time. Carlos noted that in the second year, he wrote down the number of faculty who had helped him in the past and came up with 50 names. Carlos worked heavily with the ILC/interviewed many individuals to assist with the homework.