Maximize Your Productivity

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At 1:00pm on 4/22/2017, I attended Maximize Your Productivity, presented by Cameron Campbell, at the 2017 Wordcamp Conference in Raleigh, NC

Maximize Your Productivity

Everyone wants to get more done with their day, but we’ve fooled ourselves into thinking that putting more hours in at work results in more productivity. I’d like to dispell that myth and offer practical solutions for freelancers and teams to maximize their productivity while working less hours.

Productivity Misconceptions
Working more hours makes me more productive. There is a tipping point where you care less. We don’t actively think about productivity

Habits & Routines

There is not magic hat or map. Unfortunately it is really more about putting in some routines. The penny is worth millions if doubled every day for a month. Every small adjustment which keeps happening can bring you to a much better place over time. If an hour is saved each day, 5 hours a week, 40 hours each month…


Why are distractions so bad? You lose your focus. YOu don’t just lose the time of the distraction, you lose the time of getting back in, to the focus. CHanging over to email often gave them the ability to be further distraction.

Multitasking is a lie. It doesn’t work. Those distracted in the middle of a task took 4 times as long to complete their task as those who worked through from start to finish.

Schedule All Things

Rather than being reactive, be proactive to distractions. Schedule everything in 20min blocks for your time schedule. Schedule in some “Focus Blocks”, times you cannot be reached. Set aside time for items. He showed some pomodoro times.

Task Lists & Project Management

As a freelancer, he used email. That was a trainwreck. Basecamp, trello, teamWork, Asana. Set up project templates that have all of your most-used tasks and to-do lists ready to go. Organizae your tasks and assign them out to people and add due dates. Assign things to yourself and give them due dates. Try to keep client discussions inside the app as opposed to chat or email. This will save your sanity.

Give them some training for how to use this. (Give a link, give a screenshot, and give clear instructions – browser, device, etc.) In addition to basecamp, he also keeps a to do list. its a 3×5 card with the top 3 items on it. the notecard is too small to fill out, and starting this habit is very helpful.

Better Routines

Routines provide rhythm to your day. Brain triggers are sensory cues to your bear that it needs to shift gears, ASAP. It used sight, smell and even taste. His morning brain triggers use coffee music and computer. This helps him get into focus. The morning is his most productive time. Every day, he sits down with coffee, instrumental music, and the code editor. Its something which took time to ramp up into.

Stopping for the Day

When its time to quit for the day, he has a brain trigger of closing the door and stepping away.

Getting Away From the Screen

Your body can only focus on high function for 90 minutes. Schedule in a time or two for recharging the battery.