Month: September 2017

DIOPP01 Club Advisor Annual Update

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On 10/6/17 at 1:15pm, I attended the DIOPP01 Club Advisor Annual Update presented by Christy Shields at the Student Services Building on Wake Tech Community College’s South Campus in Raleigh, NC.


There were a lot of great questions at this session, and they gave me a lot to think about! For those who were unable to attend, they will be scheduling additional sessions on both the main and north campuses soon.


Below is the follow up information we discussed.



  • To access Engage (XTRA), go to:
  • Current portal owners: your portal has been moved to the new platform. You will continue to use your key account to log in.
  • If you use Chrome to go to XTRA, you may be taken to the old platform. If so, follow the attached directions to clear your cache. Once you clear your cache, close your browser and then reopen it.

To access forms (You must not be logged in.)


Christy Shields will be sending information on applying for portals and for training soon. We will also be having the following Facts & Snacks Dates:

Facts & Snacks Dates

  • September 21  11am – 1pm – Facts and Snacks – PLM Quad
  • September 22  11am – 1pm – Facts & Snacks – Building B – Student Activities Lounge
  • September 18  11am – 1pm – Clubs and Subs – HS2 1st Floor Lounge

Eagle Rewards

One important point covered in the meeting was the Eagle Rewards Program

This program is being soft-launched this semester and is only open by invitation to certain student groups. Please share this information with students in your clubs. If you’d like someone from Student Activities to present the information at one of your club meetings, please send a meeting request through Outlook to all of the following people: Christy Shields, Luanne Burns, Sandra Gibson, Treva Aiken, and Michael Schneider. The person that can attend will accept the request.


I have transcribed a sample email to send to students in your clubs.

Dear student:

You are invited to participate in a brand new program that offers you rewards for participating in particular Wake Tech events. The program is called Eagle Rewards and as you build points, you can turn them in for prizes! As a student leader, you will be the first to try this new program!

To participate, click here to register. You get a sign-up bonus and 50 points just for registering! Once you’ve registered, we will send you a calendar of events. When you go to the events, make sure that you check in at the Eagle Rewards table so that you receive credit for your participation.


It is important to note: The program is being tested and is available by invitation only to particular student groups. 

Club Reactivation

Christy will be reviewing applications next week and will be in touch if there’s anything missing. In the mean time, do not hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or suggestions. 

Club Elite Status

Level 1 : Complete all for an additional $50

  • Return reactivation form by the deadline
  • Return proposed budget by the deadline
  • Return SGA Student Representative form by the deadline $50

Level 2 : Complete all for an additional $50

  • Complete all level 1 requirements
  • Attend Facts & Snacks
  • Complete Google Doc for club meeting schedule

Level 3 : Complete all for an additional $75

  • Complete all level 1 and level 2 requirements
  • Participate in a community service project through OVAL
  • Submit monthly attendance report for meetings and events

ELITE STATUS : Complete all for an additional $100

  • Complete all level 1, 2, and 3 requirements
  • Have a representative at every General Assembly meeting