Beyond the Website – Small Businesses and WordPress

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At 9:15am on 4/28/2018, I attended the Beyond the Website – Small Businesses and WordPress, Presented by  Adam Sewell, of MyGeek Technologies, at the 2018 Raleigh Wordcamp Convention in the Engineering Building I of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.

Beyond the Website – Small Businesses and WordPress

In this talk, we discussed several other uses a small business can have for WordPress rather than “just a website”. The WordPress ecosystem has grown well beyond a blogging platform and informational websites. It’s now possible to run an entire business off of WordPress.

Intended Audience: Business

We began with funny cats being scared by cucumber compilation and then cat jump fail with music by awolnation.

Adam introduced himself. and provided a link to the slides:

Several of us use the wordpress to blog, others as brochure sites, ecommerce, teaching and classes, etc. The obvious platform is using it to build e-commerce websites. Most clients are unaware that you can use e-commerce with wordpress. WooCommerce is a nice adjuster, as is EasyDigitalDownloads. WooCommerce blew everyone out of the water when it came out.

Non-Profits and Non-Profit board managment

In Management, he discussed transferring away from ChamberManager to WordPress. WordPress is a fine way to work with non-profits to keep all management activities under a single roof.

Business Directory

One of the issues is the creation of the Business Directory Plugins. The re-entry of all business data through a plugin was better than using iframes. GeoDirectory also works.

Support Ticketing

Awesome Support and Support PLUS for wordpress also work. Rather than an email system, there are a few items available to you. SimpleDesk was an older system you might find on GitHub. For anyone like plumbers, etc who use on a one-off business, this might be a great system to use those tickets, work orders, and service calls. In this section, we extended several Q&A items about whether the AwesomeSupport system could be used with quickbooks, etc. One question about project management divided the group. Most use Trello and some use Project Panorama.

Event Ticketing/Management

Tickera, events manager, modern tribe… several of these exist. Plenty of these out there. There are thousands of wordcamps and they all use plugins in wordpress. While you’ve heard that there’s an app for that, but there is a wordpress plugin for everything.

The easier it is for the customer, the easier your life will be.

You can use the modern tribe plugins to create the events and sell the tickets to the events. It works well. They have events tickets and event tickets plus. With the base plugin, its RSVP. People are not interested in giving away information. If people pay, they feel like they can give more information, and they are also more likely to show up. Sending reminder emails and telephone calls are very important to ensuring the connection remains.

One item which was discussed. Product Camp had an idea for the conference. They charge for the ticket, but when they showed up, the option existed for the attendee to have their fee returned. Most people would choose NOT to have the money returned. Its a great way to have non-profits keep their money.

Adam Sewell

Adam Sewell is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. Most of his time is spent with his IT support company, MyGeek Technologies. Though he is also known to develop WordPress sites and plugins as well as providing high performance hosting specific to WordPress. He is also very involved in his local community serving on boards and volunteering for events.