Course Writing Process and Experience

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On 9/24/18 at 3:15pm, I attended the Excellence In Higher Education Virtual Conference Session: Course Writing Process and Experience presented by Ron Signore of Columbia Southern University

It was very interesting to hear the material by Professor Signore. He used a lot of personal examples and personal experience when talking. One of the nicest points here was that Professor Signore had reached the rank of Master Chief! Very impressive.

Instructional designers are great team workers.

Reusing past discussion questions which were fantastic where great to use for journal questions later. Use with no wrong answers, critical thinking required.

Lessons, required readings, chapter # and PPT Lessons. From these, search out suggested readings for video content and things. Crossword puzzels, games, etc. that use KEY terms are very helpful for course materials. Once done, all the activity is sent to the course ID and built

No news is good news.

Development: The editors and Course technologists build this in blackboard, and given an assigned launch date

Key is to be sure on the textbook selected, share the personal experiences, establish a rapport with the ID, Library resources. For the first time CW writer, you should pair with an experienced CW writer.

At the end, you should celebrate

Ron SignoreNo better way to truly know a course than to be the course writer. That in turn helps increase Faculty/Student engagement when the course is taught and presented to the students. This presentation is a breakdown of the process and my personal observations and experiences while writing CSU courses.