Faculty Association Breakfast Meeting

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On 4/17/19 at 8:00am, I attended the Wake Technical Community College Spring Professional Development Conference Session: Faculty Association Breakfast Meeting. This was co-presented by  Kathrynne Paul and Kimberly Atkinson of Wake Technical Community College

Faculty Association Breakfast Meeting

Know your senators

Request initiative on budget items

Collaborative Council rundown with Debbie Manness. Will students see attendance, how will we know of new initiatives? Starfish is going away?

The council is a new thing, and everyone was unsure how to proceed. students and association waiting for admin to proceed, and admin waiting for students and faculty to proceed. You can send questions on go portal

Does the college faculty want january PD day on January 2nd, 2020 to be a PD day, or a break day. PD Day may be taken away and another may be added in May. No negative impact will happen.

Question: 2 days added to schedule for May which are originally set as break days. Some people are extremely upset at lost break days which were set as mandatory summer days. Some people only found out 2 weeks ago, and now they are in breach of contract. The new days are removed from 12 month faculty. What can individuals do?

It was brought to our attention that Dr. Green and VP Dietrich had headed up these changes. The original plan was 8-10 days removed, and we’ve been able to reduce this to only 2 days removed. How did the calendar committee not know? This should come down from the system office. The calendar committee was unaware of the situation. While this doesn’t answer the question, you should talk with your immediate supervisors such as department heads and deans. It is a problem as break days are not marked on the calendar directly.