InDesign CS5.5 Certification Achieved!

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It had been a while Since I achieved InDesign Certification. In fact, my earlier certification had in fact elapsed. Luckily, my understanding of InDesign was extensive enough that I was able to set aside time to take this examination with little or no problems. Thanks BrainBench!


Holy crow, yet another Dockery Blog

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Does this guy every quit? Does the fun ever START?

Internet Security Certification Achieved!

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How much do I know about the internet? Quite a bit actually. How much do I know about security? A respectable amount, but probably not as much as I understand about breaking into systems, breaking into other people’s computers remotely, and hijacking backend systems through low-grade injection models. Looking at the amount of materials I have access to and the understanding I have, I studied for a few short days to brush up my skills, and gave this a shot. Achieving this certification through BrainBench actually allowed me to expand my knowledge enough to talk with One of my co-workers, Ms. Cherry, about internet security and sound like a knowledgeable individual.