The Proper Feeding, Care and Growth of Your Wordpress Website

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At 9:15am on 4/28/2018, I attended The Proper Feeding, Care and Growth of Your WordPress Website, Presented by Adam Silver,  of WPConcierge, at the 2018 Raleigh Wordcamp Convention in the Engineering Building I of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.

The Proper Feeding, Care and Growth of Your WordPress Website

A website is a living and breathing piece of your overall business & marketing plan. You need to feed it! This presentation will cover why a website isn’t a “set it and forget it” entity.

Learn about content creation types, determine the need for enhanced features (eCommerce, membership, LMS), ways to encourage visitor engagement, website security and site backups and when it might be time to redesign the site itself.

Intended Audience: Beginner


How many of us have websites? Last update? Many of us have sites but we’re not adding content.

The Old

Static HTML. We had tables and frames. Truly coded sites include Internet Explorer is Evil, and Ask Jeeves

The New

CMS/Database Driven (content management system). Optimized for speed. Easily Updated and maintained. Truly coded sites include WRAL Tech Wire, and Can You Start Yesterday.

How many websites can you handle? Competition is fierce. Work from a place of abundance, not scarcity. Its a waste of energy to say “Joe is getting work and I’m not”. What we do we like, but it takes time.


  • 86% of the US on the internet
  • 40% of global users, more than 1billion people, have bought products or goods online
  • 65% of web usage is on mobile

Local Stats

  • 85% of consumers use internet to find local businesses
  • 35% read reviews to make purchasing decisions
  • 65% of web usage is mobile


How to Grow Your Website

  1. Design & Functionality
  2. Content
  3. Engagement


Design & Functionality

  • Mobile Ready it needs to meet the needs of the clients and audience
  • SEO Needs to be found by search engines. Best SEO is uploading content on a constant basis that your audience needs.
  • E-Commerce it needs to have the ability to make money, find it easily, and search or organize what you need.


  • Fresh + Which Format? The content should be new and changing. Is it text, video, podcast, images, etc.
  • Relevant Material The material should be relevant to what the audience wants and needs. Keep them coming back, but find your audience. Don’t be everything to everyone
  • Actionable Make it something people can do


  • Social Media I’d rather have 5 email addresses than 1,000 likes. Its permission to market to the individual. This is an outpost. use this to explore and bring others home
  • Owning vs Renting. The social media could crash at any time, so get the connect
  • Tools

Growth: Tools & Services

Freelance vs Agency? More work than you can handle, you’re an agency. You’re busier in a different way. You can scale. Is the business growing? Shotgun sales allow you to either build or sell, but you very likely cannot do both. Get developers who can do what you need, and will work at a rate you can afford. Know your strengths.

The old approach was to email an individual and CC to the Trello board. no followup, and cold call. Plenty of people are doing your same job. Get a CRM for the business.

So he Tested the CRM of other successful users (hubspot, agileCRM, pipedrive). Hubspot was nice, but features included major cost increases. AgileCRM was automated, but there was not enough of a personal touch. Pipedrive has pipelines for integration. The $20 monthly for email is a great system

meet (give a date to contact, call, action) > sent an email (systemize what you can). Links for longer trial dates are out there

[Growth tool % slide]

Email marketing still works. to install a free level of setting meetings. Start free and invest in what works


The lead magnet concept is amazing and straight forward. Give the tips away, because at the end of the day, they’d rather hire someone.

Launch checklist. Start with mailchimp for free. Constant Contact is getting better, but there are still issues. iContact is also OK

Optinmonster gives a double confirm, and before you go (exit intent alert). People hate these, but they work.

Abandon Cart. 85% of people who put things in the cart, leave. Some services put those items in AJAX, and send an email within a few minutes (hey you left this, do you still want it?), within a day (we haven’t heard from you yet) and then a coupon 4 days later 20% off. It was a lost sale anyways. JILT is for wooCommerce and several other services.

Spend your time on content. Put the time and effort to update content. Because you work too hard, you do not update the blog, and then your site looks out of date and abandoned. Keep adding the products and services to the site to keep the pages moving.




Adam Silver

Adam is a native of California, though relocated to North Carolina in 2017. Currently providing WordPress development and support services through He produces 2 weekly podcasts at & The Get Options Podcast & was the lead organizer for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 & 2017. In his free time, he speaks at industry events sharing his insights & expertise into all things digital. Married for 19 years to his amazing wife & has 3 wickedly cool kids.


Beyond the Website – Small Businesses and WordPress

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At 9:15am on 4/28/2018, I attended the Beyond the Website – Small Businesses and WordPress, Presented by  Adam Sewell, of MyGeek Technologies, at the 2018 Raleigh Wordcamp Convention in the Engineering Building I of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.

Beyond the Website – Small Businesses and WordPress

In this talk, we discussed several other uses a small business can have for WordPress rather than “just a website”. The WordPress ecosystem has grown well beyond a blogging platform and informational websites. It’s now possible to run an entire business off of WordPress.

Intended Audience: Business

We began with funny cats being scared by cucumber compilation and then cat jump fail with music by awolnation.

Adam introduced himself. and provided a link to the slides:

Several of us use the wordpress to blog, others as brochure sites, ecommerce, teaching and classes, etc. The obvious platform is using it to build e-commerce websites. Most clients are unaware that you can use e-commerce with wordpress. WooCommerce is a nice adjuster, as is EasyDigitalDownloads. WooCommerce blew everyone out of the water when it came out.

Non-Profits and Non-Profit board managment

In Management, he discussed transferring away from ChamberManager to WordPress. WordPress is a fine way to work with non-profits to keep all management activities under a single roof.

Business Directory

One of the issues is the creation of the Business Directory Plugins. The re-entry of all business data through a plugin was better than using iframes. GeoDirectory also works.

Support Ticketing

Awesome Support and Support PLUS for wordpress also work. Rather than an email system, there are a few items available to you. SimpleDesk was an older system you might find on GitHub. For anyone like plumbers, etc who use on a one-off business, this might be a great system to use those tickets, work orders, and service calls. In this section, we extended several Q&A items about whether the AwesomeSupport system could be used with quickbooks, etc. One question about project management divided the group. Most use Trello and some use Project Panorama.

Event Ticketing/Management

Tickera, events manager, modern tribe… several of these exist. Plenty of these out there. There are thousands of wordcamps and they all use plugins in wordpress. While you’ve heard that there’s an app for that, but there is a wordpress plugin for everything.

The easier it is for the customer, the easier your life will be.

You can use the modern tribe plugins to create the events and sell the tickets to the events. It works well. They have events tickets and event tickets plus. With the base plugin, its RSVP. People are not interested in giving away information. If people pay, they feel like they can give more information, and they are also more likely to show up. Sending reminder emails and telephone calls are very important to ensuring the connection remains.

One item which was discussed. Product Camp had an idea for the conference. They charge for the ticket, but when they showed up, the option existed for the attendee to have their fee returned. Most people would choose NOT to have the money returned. Its a great way to have non-profits keep their money.

Adam Sewell

Adam Sewell is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. Most of his time is spent with his IT support company, MyGeek Technologies. Though he is also known to develop WordPress sites and plugins as well as providing high performance hosting specific to WordPress. He is also very involved in his local community serving on boards and volunteering for events.

Winning, One Program at a Time: A Systemic Approach

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At 10:00am On 11/8/16 I attended Winning, One Program at a Time: A Systemic Approach presented by Kay Zimmerman & Adam Schultz at the 2016 USCA NDLW Virtual Conference.

Winning, One Program at a Time: A Systemic Approach

When formulating the best way to invest marketing dollars into DE student recruitment initiatives you can ‘wing it,’ or you can look to the numbers to build a value-driven system. By utilizing a unique sequence of university and program-based marketing support, you can meet your online and DE student enrollment goals on a budget! This presentation should show us a simple but highly effective online and DE program level marketing system, showcase real life case studies and lead attendees through a collaborative Q&A session to guide them through the thought process for how to apply these concepts to their own programs.

This session was basically a show-and-tell coupled with a large advertisement :(. It started with this:

Press Release


Verified Studios today announced that it will share the results of its multi-year partnership with NC State University’s Distance Education Learning Technologies Applications (DELTA) office during the November USC Aiken National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) Virtual Conference.
Over the last two years, the Durham-based digital marketing agency has guided deployment of a scalable, low-cost, high ROI program-level marketing system across 18 NC State online and distance education programs. At the Distance Learning Administration (DLA) Conference in June 2016, CEO of Verified Studios Adam Schultz joined Kay Zimmerman, Associate Vice Provost DELTA-Marketing & Partnership Development Marketing and Partnership Development, to share the results of this partnership and the resulting paper, “Winning One Program at a Time: A Systemic Approach,” won the Conference’s Best Paper Award.

“The results of the partnership between NC State and Verified Studios are a perfect fit for this year’s conference as our theme is Practical Applications towards Building Quality Online Courses,” said Dr. Veronica Outlaw, coordinator of the 2016 USC Aiken NDLW Virtual Conference and Director of Distance Learning at the University of South Carolina Aiken. “The only way to continue to offer quality courses is to have the enrollment numbers that prove return on investment in distance learning.”

“At Verified, we’re focused on not only helping our individual partners leverage digital marketing to meet their strategic goals but also on establishing best practices that can guide the higher education industry as a whole,” adds Adam Schultz. “We appreciate the opportunity to share the results of our program-level strategic marketing project with an extended audience.”

Verified Studios has worked with many institutions of higher education, including Duke University and Appalachian State University, among others. Learn more about how the Durham-based agency helps its partners leverage digital marketing to meet their strategic goals at

This showed some information for the services provided by verified studios, but Came to a divisive point when Kay asked “Would this work for you and help you meet your enrollment projections?” There was a pause, which caused one teacher to ask in return: Could you use any of these in your courses?

Short thereafter, Kay asked “Do you presently meet the online and DE program/courses enrollment projections?” another large pause occured, and the woman from earlier said what was on many of our minds “@Kay, How would we know the answer to your question?”.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t know the answer, and I have been teaching here for over a decade. What are our projections? Do we have projections? Do we have a department which handles this? Do we have a strategic marketing and student recruitment plan? I’m not exactly sure. I certainly hope that if we do, we are beating those expectations.

While this was mainly a case of how verified studios was able to help NCSU, I think it did open up some good fodder for discussions here.