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Epically Involved with Patrick Williams of Wake Tech Community College

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Patrick Williams, ENG department Associate prof team lead of epic whatsis

status of QEP, pathways, peer review process, how to get involved

Goal and objectives:
goal: Reduce barrier and support learning, persistence of cuccess of students in online courses
objectives: help sutdents overcome learning barriers and gain the skill needed to be successfaul online learners.
obj: help faculty design anddeliver online courses in accordance wit hWT e-learning quality standards
online faculty MUST be certified by fall 2017 to continue teaching online.

1st portion of this is the ELI (e-learning intro) course required for students.

It should not affect the coursework you teach. The testers are NOT content management experts. The LMS will be the same across multiple classes so that standardization is the same across the college.

EPIC 103 should be rolling out by the summer. We will do what is required to make this available. There will be summer training, and peerr reviewers will be chosen who have already survived online peer review.

Navigation standards:

entry quiz
getting started
faculty information


course resources
my grades
student support

standardized LMS menu focuses on organization of materials, not the content of the course.

Sets of standards:

welcome message
ice breaker or intro assignment
faculty to student interaction (what are our expectations? office hours, use announcements, email, texts?)
student to student interactions (netiquette and rules of doing your work)
active learning (discussions, projects, what are you going to be doing in here?)
response expectations (how to communicate. How long to get a response?)

Faculty presence (are you actually monitoring this product? I guess this has to do with Weekly emails?)

student participation, collaboration tools and activities( what will they be doing and how are they interacting. are there multiple ways to show what they’ve learned)

Explanation of assessment standards

course-level SLOs (what are they? where are you posting them?)
Lesson/week SLOs (what are you learning this week and how will it affect the future List and short paragraph)
Assessments (tests, essay, projects, etc.
rubrics (when necessary. Let people know before grading )
Clear grading policy (what is it? where is it) what are the milestone grades and how much will they be?



This list is available in the portal, as well as in the newsletter. At this point, there were some debates about the course titles, and how difficult they are to find within the professional development section of our website, and the additon of how long courses stay available.

Conclusion of this conversation: Once you’re certified, you’ll stay certified until new processes come out.

Many faculty feel that a single EPIC template should be available within the department.I’ll need to work on that.

There is a blackboard item: E-Learning Accessibility section allows you to revisit the accessibility lessons to revisit the best ways to keep materials accessible. NBC Learn community are some nice pieces.


Fill out electronic submission forms. THere are 3 trained reviewers evaluating the course shell. THey may allow you to revise if necessary, and there are also straight pass and straight fail options or in intiative, under QEP there is a n EPIC 30. We are looking for EPIC ambassador. Ask them a question: