From Amazon to Wordpress: Creating your eCommerce Site

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At 3:25pm on 4/22/2017, I attended From Amazon to WordPress: Creating your eCommerce Site, presented by Sharon Dawson, at the 2017 Wordcamp Conference in Raleigh, NC

From Amazon to WordPress: Creating your eCommerce Site

Promoting your physical products on Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon can be convenient, but expensive since those sites take a cut of your profits. By switching to WordPress to promote your products, you can drive more customers to your brand and keep more of your profits.

The basics of setting up eCommerce on your WordPress site

Page 2 of google is where they hide the dead bodies. People hate ecommerce website because they drop their shopping cart due to unreachable customer service. 22% of shopping cart abandonments are due to forcing customers to create an account. If people cannot sort or filter their results, they will leave to find one which can. A search should be able to used and products found. $2% of users do not trust poorly designed sites. If your website store is not mobile friendly, you’re losing 25% of your customers.

The customer is always CHEAP. think about your shipping costs, coupon codes, and stacking promotions. Think about the product you have. There are plenty of other vendors. Turn off the stackable promotion vs. sales. was burning them in the past with codes.

So how do you sell lip balm? burts bees shipped a $3.30 lip balm for $5. An $8 chapstick?

A picture is worth 1,000 words? A picture is worth nothing if its wrong. Picture matches description and title. Correct color, flavor, type. Size, special packaging. Lots of low reviews occur if you see a wrong picture with what you receive.

The eCommerce Golden Rule: Do unto others as Amazon has done unto others. If theexact same product is being sold on amazon for less, well, good luck. Can you offers discounts?

Things to consider when setting up a new eCommerce store

eCommerce basics:

  • Make sure its obvious its ecommerce,
  • Well designed product pages,
  • Logical easy to use checkout flow
  • 310 redirects when a product no longer available
  • FAQ page relating to eCommerce, not just company or products
  • Standard pages in footer
  • Terms of Use
    • Privacy Policy
    • Shipping Policy
    • Returns Policy

Product Pages

    Things to consider when setting up a new eCommerce store

    APpealing images

  • appealing images
  • product description not duplicate
  • if multiple colors/flavors/size, drop down or separate options on the page that carries over to the payment engive
  • size or quanity in container clearly listed
  • reviews

Popular themes to use to quickly make an attractive online store: Woo Commerce Plugins

  • Woocommerce Subscriptions. Accepts weekly, monthly annual payments
  • Table Rate Shipping
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • WooCommerce Mailchimp
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher
  • Products slider
  • PDF Invoices


They give about 20% more completions, but only if the offer is better than anything on the page. FOMO ( Fear of missing out- only a few left, only __ time less, get it before the end of the month). Split testing.

How to promote your site to existing customers from Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon

Cant beat em? Join em! Introduce your products via Amazon. Put a deal in the package, for YOUR website. Follow up email with a deal. Then ask for a review on Amazon. This will strengthen your response on Amazon, but offer them your website.

“If you had anything less than a 5-star experience, please contact us at –@— and we’ll make it right.”

Creating feeds for Google shopping

Google product feed through woocommerce. Feeds into google merchant center. This one will lead the google feed into your results.