Building Budgets in Bad Times

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Building Budgets in Bad Times was a presentation given by Jennifer Willis, Benita Budd, and Steve Prescott. What are the budget forecasts for 2012 and 2013? Will community colleges face more budget cuts?

Unfortunately, the answer was yes. The real trouble for 2012 had to do with monies. None was set aside by the state for employee raises, and so the only way new raises could be given was through a process involving the changing of titles. Unfortunately, few if any new titles were going to be surfacing.

Jennifer Willis, from the System Office, updated the attendees on what to expect. Steve Prescott and Benita Budd explained the community college budget process, and the rising importance of FTE’s (Full Time Enrollments) in the process of raising and accumulating funds.

In the end, they also gave great tips on faculty advocacy and key talking points for getting others to join in and helping to meet your legislators and raise money.