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GDA Presentation: Dreamweaver and SEO

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It aint over until the fat man breaks it down

GDA Presentation: Dreamweaver and SEO

On September 16th, Tyler Dockery gave a presention to Wake Tech’s Graphic Designer’s Association on Using Dreamweaver for SEO. Freshmen, Sophomores, and graduating students met in the Engineering and Technology Building (ETB) on Main campus for an hour-long, hands-on demonstration of basic SEO descriptions, as well as its use in a standard web page creation.

After our descriptions and hands-on demonstrations, we took part in discussions of white hat techniques, black hat techniques, and grey hat techniques and how they might be used. We looked at current examples online of sites which use those tactics, and contemplated the use of black hat techniques and how a company might find profit or loss with them.

Ending things on a nice note, we discussed Robots.txt files and how they are used to hide pages from bots, scanners, and search engines. We looked into the robots.txt files associated with several larger websites, and some governmental websites to visit pages expressly forbidden to search engines via robots.txt.

Students were given handouts to take with them.