Getting Started with Video

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At 1:00pm on 4/22/2017, I attended Getting Started with Video, presented by Jeff Jacobson, at the 2017 Wordcamp Conference in Raleigh, NC

Getting Started with Video

Why use online video?

  • Product demonstration
  • travel video
  • instructions
  • performance
  • vlogging

What makes a good video?

  • Tells a story effectively and efficiently
  • Good picture
  • Good Audio
  • Good Host

Effectively tell a story

Planning. Write a script. Storyboard your shots. Adobe Story is a fine program to assist building these out. Its clunky to write these 2-column scripts, but its very useful.

Good PIctures

  • Properly exposed
  • accurate colors
  • well framed
  • properly focused

Good Audio

  • microphone close to or on subjecyt
  • volument properly adjusted, microphone not “Clipping”
  • no extraneous sound

Basic Video Concepts

Field of view. How muc h of the shot can you see, and what does that tell us? Wide angles give the atmosphere, the short field is more personal.

Dept of field: How much is in focus? with shallow, the subject is in focus. A wide depth of field shows everything to setting mood.

Aperture: The amount of light let into the shot.

After a few minutes of this presentation, I honestly started having trouble focusing. The materials were extremely basic. I hoped to take a class about getting your offline business online, but that session cancelled. Important points like “Use a Tripod” didn’t really inspire confidence. Several people had fallen to sleep because of the heat and proximity to lunch.